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How To Deal With Depression During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Nov 17, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we lead our lives. With lockdowns and social distancing becoming the norm, there are multiple changes, which we have been forced to make.

According to leading health experts, staying indoors in isolation, work-from-home pressures, and other stresses are contributing to poor mental health.

Many people are concerned about their financial status and the fear of losing their jobs. Others have suffered or fear the loss of a loved one. With so much negativity dominating every aspect of our lives, mental health triggers abound everywhere we look.

In this article, we speak to a leading therapy firm offering family counselling services in Singapore and ask them about how to deal with such issues.

How to take care of your Mental Health during the Pandemic?

  1. Getting enough sleep is a must-

According to experts, regular sleep can help calm your senses in a major fashion. If you are not getting sleep, you will keep thinking about issues, which are sure to mess with your mental health. It is important to follow a regular time-table and go to bed by following the same.

  1. Try engaging in Physical Activities-

Indoor exercises release positive hormones, which play a critical role in uplifting your mood. The more you engage with physical activities, the better will be your capacity to ward off negative thoughts. Experts state that exercises help in reducing anxiety and depression.

  1. Eat Natural Healthy Foods-

If you are eating well, you will experience the positive benefits of the same. Therapists suggest increasing the intake of leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. They also state that it is important to stay away from carbonated drinks and foods, which have a high-fat quotient.

  1. Reduce Alcohol and Smoking-

There has been a tendency to increase alcohol intake and smoking. However, experts warn against the same. Both these elements can trigger anxiety and lead you to a downward spiral. It is best to cut down or completely eliminate their intake during the pandemic.

  1. Put a Cap on Screen-Time-

It is true that we are surrounded by media and news channels highlighting the bad effects of the pandemic. While getting information is good, too much negativity can take a toll on your mental health. Hence, it is important that you fix a certain time limit to staying online.

Why it is Important for Families to reduce Stress Triggers?

Families, which have children and working parents are adjusting to new challenges. Apart from settling into the work-from-home modes, they are also having to look after their kids’ online education. Staying indoors, being surrounded by bad news, and having too many fears looming large is the perfect recipe for disaster.

This is why experts suggest that if you are being unable to deal with issues on your own, you should seek professional help. Taking help from an expert is easy with online counseling services becoming the norm.

Experts also suggest trying to do most of the things, which you would normally do to relieve stress. For example, you can talk to your friends through video conferencing apps, or pick up a new fun-filled family activity like cooking or playing board games.

If parents and elderly start panicking, the kids too will pick up on the same and show signs of stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. This is why addressing mental health concerns and positively working towards them is very necessary.

The Final Word

Ignorance of being too stubborn about issues you are experiencing is never a good thing. Negative feelings if suppressed for a long time can burst out if a trigger is applied in rather destructive ways. The important thing is to keep communicating with your partner, friends, colleagues, and employers and discuss issues thoroughly.

Mental health is something, which should be taken very seriously. If you are experiencing any negative feelings, you should immediately get in touch with an expert and try to address them as soon as possible.

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