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How to get the best results when racing your production car


Apr 17, 2019

For most youngsters exploring their boundaries and discovering the world, there is something quite special about hitting the streets in their prized-possession vehicle and racing with mates. It is a thrill. It is bordering on the illegal, but it feels so good to push a car to the limits and to beat your mates in a dice at the end of a good evening. It might not count for anything official but winning still brings with it bragging rights amongst your friends. So how do you make sure that you get the most out of your car and that you get to win the dice often? Here are a few tips to help you on your way to becoming the Michael Schumacher of your friendship group.


Make a few modifications

A car that has had a bit of work done to it will perform better, it goes without saying. A great place where you can make a very important change that will impact on performance but have no discernible impact on how the car looks, is with the clutch. Look to install a Mantic Clutch system and you will find that your car has a lot more power. And the best thing is that you can hoodwink your mates into thinking that it is just your driving that is improved – unless they have been involved in switching out the clutch kit, how will they know what is happening?  


Take a course

There is of course great merit in going on an advanced driver’s course. You might think that you are a good driver, but you would be ignorant to think that you have nothing to learn. It is only the ignorant and the arrogant who think that they know everything. If you are not prepared to learn then you will never get better and you will quickly find that you are being passed by other people. An advanced drivers course teaches you skills like drifting, cornering techniques and so much more.


Know the route

A person who knows the road they are travelling is going to be so much more likely to win. It is one of the reasons why in top class car racing like Formula One the drivers will walk the entire distance of the track the day before the event starts. They look at all the turns and cambers, the kerbs and, in short, they read the road. With an intimate knowledge of the road you know when to brake, where to accelerate and where the danger spots are. Research is important if you are going to take the street-racing thing seriously.


Remove excess weight

It probably goes without saying that the heavier the car is the slower it will go. So, make sure that you remove excess weight and that, when racing, you have as few passengers as possible. Power to weight ratio is a major consideration when racing, so even things like the amount of fuel in the tank can be a factor. Think about all these aspects before you go and challenge somebody to a race.

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