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How To Get The Most Out From Your Roofing Warranty

ByDave Stopher

Apr 8, 2021

Even if you are working with one of the best roofing company in town, like middlefield oh mk roofing and construction, asking about the warranty they include on their service is still necessary.

Why Get Warranty?

Why do you have to push for a warranty? Here are a few things to consider:

  • It ensures you that when something goes wrong, you have someone to call for help
  • You do not have to worry about future fees, as through warranty, fees for repairs or construction for the same site of the roof will be covered and will be worked on free of charge
  • The warranty can give you peace of mind, as you know that company did their job to avoid their work from coming back, as it means lost on their business

Moving on, when you already established that the roofing service comes with a warranty, the next thing you have to think about is how to maximize the warranty included on their service.

Of course, to anything you have paid for, getting the most out from it is a good deal. To help you in making sure that your warranty is being maximized, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Review the warranty beforehand

To make sure you could maximize your warranty, read the contract before affixing your signature in it. You have to look not only on the inclusions and exclusions but also the possible reasons of disqualifications. Reviewing the warranty agreement is a responsibility you have to seriously take. If there are questions about the warranty, do not hesitate to ask, as anyway, it is your right as a client.

Bringing it home so you can understand the warranty better is also something you could consider.

  • Schedule regular roof check

Regularly checking on your roof can minimize big and unexpected roof issues. Some problems on the roofs cannot be known until water on the roof starts to leak or the roof is already detached from its foundation.

Scheduling roof check on a regular basis can help in solving small issues that could possibly turn to big issues.

  • Have minimal issues fixed right away

Make sure to call them when a minimal issue comes up. Of course, you are paying their service to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition. Hence if there is a small issue, it should be fixed right away.

You paid for their service, and with this, you have the right to demand for a flawless roof. It is their responsibility to fix issues as they come up, so better not think twice about calling them when you feel, hear and see something different on your roof.

  • Only work with trusted roof specialists

To make sure that you could get the most out from your warranty, hire a trusted roof specialist. Sure, you want a specialist that is professional and would come to the rescue as expected.

Actually, the best way to maximize your warranty is not being able to use it, as that means that the roof has been installed, repaired and constructed properly. If the roof company is really good with what they do, expect that you will only call them for maintenance and not for back job.

  • Pay for time extension when necessary

If you think that the warranty is too short, paying for an extension is recommended. Although, not all roofing companies offer extension, hence asking if they do is a good idea. Needless to say, if you are completely satisfied with what you read on the warranty contract, paying extra for extension is not necessary.