Bouncing castles are among the most common forms of entertainment, and they are suitable for all events. Suppose you are unsure which bouncing castle to choose for your event? Well, then worry no more because there are various packages at your disposal. These castles are available in many forms to make your event memorable. Several packages are brought together to cater to every client’s needs, whether children, teenagers, or adults.

At Bouncy Castle, we have several packages at your disposal. Our services mainly target young children, but this does not mean that adults are left out of the fun. These packages are ideal for any event, and the space in your garden is not an issue. May it be small or large, our team will make sure the castles are well set to keep the fun running. Also, our services are available in different capacities, depending on the client’s preference. With us, you can hire castles for your parties and events with just a touch of a button.

Below are some of the best bouncy castles for hire in the UK.

  1. Old McDonald’s farm play park

This is among the complete packages; because it entails a small slide and a pond area for interaction. The old McDonald’s farm play park package is most suitable for children up to the age of 12, but you can also set it up for younger children because of its small access height and a playing area that is fully enclosed. Even though it is large, it can fit in most home areas, thanks to its 8 ft size, but you should strive to make sure you have enough space before hiring.

This package is pleasing to the eyes, and you will get the children’s attention in no time. It has an age limit of twelve years, and it has four safety mats and pegs to keep the children safe as they play. It takes ten minutes to assemble it, and it would be great to include that time in your schedule. All our workers are certified, and they arrive in our full uniform.

  1. Spiderman bounce n slide package.

Every young boy’s dream is to become a superhero; this package has a spiderman feature that will turn their dreams into half a reality. The spiderman bounce n slide package is a great head turner at any event; thanks to the 5m spiderman feature, this makes the slide more fun. This package has a 16-year age limit for children, although young children mostly prefer it because of its low access height.

Despite this castle being large, it can still fit in most home areas, but it would be great to make sure you have enough space before hiring it. It also has safety mats that keep your children safe as they play. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble it, so keep that in mind as you hire.

  1. Monkey safari bounce n slide.

The monkey safari bounce n slide is ideal for parents whose children are passionate about going on a safari adventure; here, you have to dodge the monkey to enjoy this package. This package is most suitable for children up to the age of 16, but its low access height and total closure make it also appealing to younger children.

Despite its large size, it fits in most homesteads, but it would be great to make sure you have enough space to host it. All our staff is certified, and they will arrive at your place in our full attire.

  1. Crocodile bounce and slide

This package suits all your adventurous needs. Its 3D features ensure the event is more fun, and it has always been among the favorites for children. It has a limit of 16 years, but it is also accessible to younger children because of its low access height and an open door that gives the child good views when playing.   


Hiring a bouncy castle in London has never been this easier; with Ready Steady bouncy Castles, you are just a button away from hiring the best castle for your event. These castles are important for any party, and with the above information, you know which package will suit your event best.