• Sat. May 25th, 2024

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TPLANT-53L-R: Lucia Croce, Andy Martin, Danielle Croce, James Head

Intasite has achieved a significant milestone in its sustainability efforts by planting more than 1,500 trees, which has offset 181,840 Kg of CO2 – equivalent to driving almost 500,000 kilometres in a car.

The Teesside-based company is specialist in health and safety inductions and contractor management software for secure sites.

With the ambition of becoming more sustainable and offsetting CO2 emissions, Intasite has undertaken a unique initiative to plant one tree for every 100 inductions conducted by its clients, resulting in 1,596 trees being planted.

In the first stage of the project, Intasite’s clients conducted 59,000 inductions, resulting in a commitment to plant 590 trees, which is equivalent to approximately two football pitches in size.

Due to the increasing numbers, Intasite expanded the project in collaboration with Tree Nation, which is an online platform that partners with tree planting partners across the world and works with local communities to restore healthy forests.

Since then, a further 1,006 trees have been planted at Project Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar and Nepal.

Danielle Croce, Director at Intasite, said: “The whole team, including our children, has been actively participating in tree planting activities, contributing our bit towards the environment. We believe it is crucial to demonstrate to our clients that we share similar values and that we are a responsible business in their supply chain.

“If we have a whole Intasite forest in a few years, nobody will be happier than me. It will not only signify the success of our business but, more importantly, it will leave a legacy for future generations, built on the hard work and dedication of our team. As the adage goes: ‘A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.'”