Northumbrian-WaterNorthumbrian Water is investing £890,000 to reduce the risk of flooding to homes in Wallsend.

The project will increase the amount of surface water the sewer system in the Bewick Park area can cope with in times of heavy rainfall.

This scheme is in response to problems experienced by residents at the entrance to the estate, whose homes were flooded on several occasions including Thunder Thursday.

By increasing the surface water sewer capacity, greater volumes of water can be diverted away from the homes during times of heavy rainfall. 

New surface water sewers will be constructed on Addington Drive and Middle Engine Lane, as well as in Addington Drive and Bewick Park. This will be complemented by increasing the capacity of an existing surface water sewer in Bewick Park, by installing larger pipes to replace the existing surface water sewer.

Work, to be carried out by Northumbrian Water’s contractor, Mott MacDonald Bentley. It will begin on Monday, July 11, and is due to be completed by the end of the year. The company is working closely with North Tyneside Council to reduce the impact upon residents.

Traffic management will be in place during elements of the work, including temporary traffic lights and daytime road closures. Northumbrian Water will keep residents informed of the timings and locations.

Project manager Kevin Fleming said: “Reducing the risk of flooding is a top priority for Northumbrian Water and this work will help to mitigate the potential of further problems for those residents who have been affected in the past.

“We are working closely with the local community to help them to understand what we are doing and what this means for them during and after the project.”