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iOS 18 Release Date and New Features: What to Expect


Jun 12, 2024 #iOS 18

Apple is gearing up for another significant update with iOS 18, expected to officially launch in mid to late September 2024. Historically, Apple reveals its new iOS versions during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), followed by the developer beta release almost immediately after the keynote. The public beta generally follows about a month later, typically between late June and mid-July​ (9to5Mac)​​ (TechRadar)​.

Expected Release Timeline

  1. Developer Beta: Following tradition, the first iOS 18 developer beta is anticipated to be released shortly after the WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10. This gives developers the chance to test and provide feedback on the new features​ (9to5Mac)​.

  2. Public Beta: The public beta is expected to be available between late June and mid-July. This phase allows broader user testing and helps Apple iron out any remaining bugs before the official release​ (9to5Mac)​​ (MacRumors)​.

  3. Official Public Release: The final public release of iOS 18 is likely to coincide with Apple’s fall iPhone event, which typically occurs in mid-September. This year, the release window is expected to be between September 16 and 23, 2024​ (TechRadar)​​ (PhoneArena)​.

Key Features of iOS 18

iOS 18 promises to bring a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance user experience across various Apple devices.

  1. Enhanced AI Capabilities: Apple is integrating significant AI upgrades, including on-device processing for privacy and efficiency. This includes a revamped version of Siri and smarter integration with apps like Messages, Apple Music, and iWork​ (MacRumors)​​ (PhoneArena)​.

  2. Redesigned Photos App: The Photos app will see its most extensive redesign yet, combining the Library and For You tabs into a unified view. Users will be able to filter photos by categories and view highlights in a new carousel format​ (TechRadar)​​ (PhoneArena)​.

  3. Advanced Home Screen Customization: Users will have more control over their Home Screen layout, including the ability to rearrange app icons and widgets freely, add color tints, and apply a new dark mode for app icons​ (MacRumors)​​ (TechRadar)​.

  4. Control Center Upgrades: The Control Center will become more customizable, allowing users to separate it into distinct function groups and resize widgets. This will enable a more personalized and efficient user experience​ (TechRadar)​​ (PhoneArena)​.

  5. Messages Enhancements: iOS 18 will support Rich Communication Services (RCS), improving messaging with non-Apple devices. Additionally, users can schedule texts, react with any emoji, and apply new text formatting and effects​ (MacRumors)​​ (PhoneArena)​.

  6. New Privacy Features: Enhanced privacy controls will allow users to lock and hide apps using Face ID, ensuring sensitive data remains secure. Safari will also feature a new Highlights option for summarizing key webpage information​ (PhoneArena)​.

  7. Game Mode: A new Game Mode will minimize background activity and reduce latency, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. AirPods will also gain support for Personalized Spatial Audio for gaming​ (MacRumors)​​ (TechRadar)​.

  8. Improved Accessibility: New accessibility features include Vocal Shortcuts for Siri, atypical speech recognition, and eye tracking, making it easier for users with disabilities to navigate their devices​ (PhoneArena)​.


iOS 18 will be compatible with any iPhone newer than the iPhone XS, covering devices with the A12 Bionic chipset or newer. However, some advanced AI features will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro models and devices with M-series chips​ (TechRadar)​.


With iOS 18, Apple is set to deliver an array of features aimed at improving user experience, privacy, and device performance. As we approach the official release date, users can look forward to testing these new capabilities through the developer and public betas, leading up to the full public rollout in September.

For more detailed information on the upcoming iOS 18 features and updates, you can visit 9to5Mac, MacRumors, and TechRadar.

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