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Key Benefits of Investing in Blast Chillers

In the process of upgrading a commercial kitchen in a hotel or setting up a new range of professional-grade appliances for a restaurant undergoing renovation? In either case, the budget will include the purchase of a few blast chillers. These specially designed freezers are essential in the food preparation and service industry for their use in preserving prepared food at the lowest possible temperatures. When food is chilled at very low temperatures, it prevents any risk of bacterial growth that could occur if food is kept at regular temperatures. To avoid spoilage and to keep the food completely safe for consumption, blast chillers (or shock freezers as they are also known) are a staple appliance in all workspaces where workers must store dairy products, meat, cooked meals, leftovers and more.

It takes a commercial-grade blast chiller just four hours to reduce the temperature of any food within it from more than +70 C to as low as -18C. At such low temperatures it is impossible for harmful microorganisms to survive in prepared foods. When shopping for blast chillers, customers will see a large variety available that all offer a combination of features like noise reduction mode, auto defrost and energy savings.

Chefs understand the utility of using a dependable blast chiller to freeze and store surplus prepared foods for later use. Whether they work in a catering organisation, a bakery, a hotel or a restaurant, chefs see the benefits of freezing fully prepared food in advance of a catering event like a wedding or a popular service time like a Sunday brunch. Not only does the blast chiller save the kitchen staff’s time in preparing food live, it also reduces chances of food wastage from mishaps by hurried or novice cooks.

The act of chilling food items, be they raw like dairy products or prepared like entire meals, ensures the food is safe in storage by halting bacterial growth before it can begin. Buffet chefs and coordinators rely on blast chillers to safely store leftovers from regularly-held buffets. Blast chillers are ideal holding areas for food left over from a buffet. Even if the food coming into the blast chiller is smoking hot, it will not endanger other food placed in the appliance. That is only a problem when chef places freshly cooked food straight from the stove into a regular cold refrigerator. Food stored in a blast chiller can be easily reheated to the same freshness as its original preparation within the span of one to two days. Blast chillers reduce the time a guest a restaurant has to wait to receive their favorite dish off the menu.

Alexander’s Appliances Direct is the one-stop online shop for all your blast chiller needs. They offer all sorts of blast chillers will not only fit your organisation’s budget but space available in the kitchen. Alexander’s is aware that not all commercial kitchens can accommodate a full-scale blast chiller, so they provide options that fit the tightest spots. Each of the blast chillers on sale can be ordered with and without tray slides.