Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 14.40.43A GREEN space in Marton Manor will be protected for local residents after a proposed retail development was refused.

Middlesbrough Council’s Executive Sub Committee for Property met to discuss a bid for land at Lucerne Court, near the Apple Tree pub, on Tuesday, September 22.

Councillors made a unanimous decision to not sell the land for the development and also to remove it from its list of assets that can be sold.

The meeting heard from residents both opposed to the scheme to build shops and also in favour.

Ladgate ward Councillors Mike Carr and June Goodchild said in a statement: “We are pleased with the result, both that the land will not be sold now nor for the foreseeable future.

“We know that in the community there were people both for and against the scheme, however we received nothing but strong opposition and were happy to argue that the land should remain as informal open space.”

In January this year the committee agreed to consider the sale after a public consultation exercise. This was carried out in June and July of this year.