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The LEGO® Friends™ Amusement Park Tour is on its way

The LEGO Friends Amusement ParkTo celebrate the launch of the exciting new LEGO® Friends™ Amusement Park building sets a new, live Tour is coming to Wallsend!  The LEGO® Friends™ Amusement Park Tour has opened up this Summer bringing these sets to life and offers young builders a fun day out, so buckle up and come and join the fun.

Set in the beautiful world of Heartlake City – the Amusement Park sets offer hours of building entertainment and include all the fun of the fair.  Join the five LEGO Friends as they check out the rides and attractions.  Look out for the Amusement Park Roller Coaster (complete with Ferris Wheel and Drop Tower of course), Hot Dog Van, Bumper Cars, Space Ride and the Arcade, it’s all fun fun fun!

This exhilarating Tour recreates the Heartlake City vibe, so ‘scream if you wanna go faster’, grab your LEGO brick plate entry ticket at the turnstile and head in.  You can build whatever your imagination desires at the bumper car brick pits, play the slam dunk game, meet Nate the Hot Dog Guy and capture all the action at the photo stand.  When the excitement is over, all visitors will leave with a free goodie bag.

The LEGO® Friends™ Amusement Park Tour Dates:

9th – 10th July – SMYTHS Wallsend, Middle Engine Lane

16th – 17th July – SMYTHS, Hull

23rd – 24th July – SMYTHS, Reading Gate Retail Park

26th29th August – Bluewater Shopping Centre

To find out more about The LEGO® Friends™ Adventure Park Tour please visit https://events.lego.com/ukfriends

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