Bed and home furnishing company, Linthorpe Beds, which is located in the North East of England has surged from the impact of COVID-19, embracing the scope and opportunity to refocus and observe the swift changes in customer behaviours across the nation. By tapping into the needs of their customers, Linthorpe Beds has placed a heavy emphasis on their online operations, subsequently being busier than ever, with 3 to 4 times volume than last year. 

The family-owned company is in its 31st year of operation and is committed to its core mission, which is to provide only the best bedroom furniture nationwide to loyal and potential customers. This rapid growth comes in tandem with the stay at home guidelines in which consumers have been seen to rejuvenate and spend more time fixing up their living spaces. Due to this shift, the company has doubled their online sales team and their exceptional social media presence has been greatly enhanced to showcase their range of beds, mattresses and furniture. 

Possessing strong relationships with huge brands such as Sleepeezee, Silentnight and Julian Bowen, the rapid shift to online processes and working from home has very much pushed the team to work to even higher standards of service to be ready for whatever comes their way. This fruition has made way for several new roles in recent months, including two on the web sales team and one on the marketing team, suggesting sales and operations are performing fortuitously. 

This fundamental switch has gone from showcasing furniture in showrooms to transforming digital offerings by promoting content through web presence, hosting giveaways and simply connecting with customers to ensure brand loyalty. Managing Director, Keith Humble said: ‘There are substantial quantities of stock in our warehouse despite supplier difficulties amid the COVID-19 lockdown for immediate delivery’, which suggests that they are seeing a strong influx of orders day to day. Warehouse delivery drivers are equipped with PPE and have been trained on how to operate deliveries during lockdown and continue to work around the clock.

Global markets have seen stagnancy and huge numbers of drops in figures as countries around the world continue to grapple economies internationally. However, the likes of Linthorpe Beds is expected to expand even further when stores open after lockdown. The resurgence of competitors won’t keep them from continuous growth as they predict much more successes in the future.