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‘Love it’ campaign gives park new lease of life

THE Redcar and Cleveland ‘Love it’ campaign will allow visitors to enjoy Zetland Park more than ever before as major redevelopment works see new benches installed and footpaths completely relayed.

Taking place as part of the ‘Love it’ campaign – which encourages residents to love where they live – the park got a major redevelopment so it can enjoyed by many more residents and visitors over what will hopefully be a warm summer.

After replacing the rotten wooden fencing with smart metal fencing late last year, the next stage of works was to completely replace footpaths in the park by digging them all the way down to their base and rebuilding them.

It is hoped that by completely rebuilding and repaving the paths, there will be less issues of paths becoming completely flooded in bad weather.

As well as the new paths, there was almost half-a-dozen additional benches installed. The new benches were originally taken from the park last year and thoroughly restored to a brand new condition with new wooden slats and a fresh coat of paint.

The aim of the improvement works is to give Redcar a boost, both for community groups who do a lot of voluntary work under the ‘Love it’ banner in the park, as well as giving visitors – and residents – green space to enjoy.

Cllr Alec Brown, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “All of the redevelopment works being done in Zetland Park will make it a great place to visit when the weather starts getting warmer. We are doing everything we can to really improve the look of the park and solve issues like flooding which would inconvenience park users in the past.

“I think what has been done so far is brilliant, and I’m looking forward to seeing it after everything has been finished.”

To find out more about the ‘Love it’ campaign – and how you can pledge to do one small thing to make a big difference to your local area – go

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