Vapers all across the world have got a secret love for vapes growing with each passing day! And perhaps it is not so secret anymore! They find solace and refreshment in puffing through the vaping devices. The growing popularity of the same can be measured in the rapid increment in its product sales and users in the past few years.

Naturally, when anything is so joyous and amazing, we wouldn’t want it to get extinct early in our life! Yes! It’s true! The act of vaping can cease to be joyous if we tend to overdo it. There should always be a limit to everything to cherish its long-lasting effects, and vaping isn’t an exception to this norm.

What not to overdo while vaping:

Vaping is an act to cherish. It is a soulful time to relax and feel happy, and to connect with yourself. It has numerous benefits too. But so are its ill effects if we go beyond the limits while vaping. Check which actions during vaping can be dangerous and should be limited to avoid hazards.

o   Vaping only nicotine — It’s alright to use nicotine in vapes as long as you want to control your cravings for tobacco or cigarettes. But there’s always a prescribed limit for the same. Also, having it directly as a large dose can lead to certain issues too. If this continues, you’ll soon be advised to quit nicotine or even vaping altogether. So, it’s better to avoid overdoing this and keep a limit to your nicotine intake. If you have just given up smoking and have got huge craving for it, try the Juul Starter Kit in London UK, from Lontech, which are really good in giving you the appropriate dose of nicotine through a vape. Lontech has got all that you need for a perfect vaping experience and all of excellent quality. Through Juul, you’ll be guided how to intake and regulate your nicotine dose and not overdo it.

o   Unchanged coil — A perfect vaping experience demands regular maintaining of your vapes and its accessories too. If there’s any ignorance here, it can lead to an unpleasant vaping experience and gradually you won’t feel like vaping at all. A coil is an important part of your vapes. Even a slight burning of a coil can lead to a pungent taste and weird smell while vaping. No matter how strong your flavour and its fragrance is, a burnt coil always has a more captivating smell than it. If you don’t change and clean your coil for a long period, this smell may become stronger and eventually you’ll lose the main refreshing taste of vaping. It’s therefore better to keep the vapes maintained and enjoy it for a longer period, than ignore the same and leave vaping because of that.

o   Constant vaping —You may have been a chain smoker before, and you very well know what impact it had on you and your health due to it. If you continue to do the same while vaping, though vaping isn’t dangerous, it can become harmful too. Just like over feeding can be harmful, over vaping or constant vaping can lead to unexpected results too.  You shall become addicted to the practice of vaping and even some of the e-juices like CBD can cause addiction if taken constantly for a longer period of time. You may even end up having some health issues because of it, and would be advised to quit it entirely. You certainly wouldn’t want your favourite pastime to be short lived. So better control your cravings and limit your vaping.

o   Over-mixing of e-juicesE-juices are created to give us a pleasurable experience of our favourite flavours while we vape. They are available in numerous different flavours and all are entirely different from one another. Though it can create an exciting new flavour sometimes if you mix two different flavours together, but when you overdo it and create a weird mixture consisting of multiple flavours together, these flavours may contradict largely in taste and fragrance, and can become a repulsive cocktail. This can make you actually cough off the puffs and you may never want to even vape again. Because of one your over adventurous experiments, you would be deprived of the ultimate pleasure of vaping forever. Thus, it’s better to give your scientific souls at a rest while creating new flavours, and never go beyond the limit to mix and match them.

If by any chance you are practising these kinds of acts, beware! You may actually be forced to leave your love, vaping, because of these actions! Avoid such temptations for longer vaping sessions!