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‘Make Do And Mend’ Attitude Prompts Increase In Client Enquiries, says Ovenu Darlington

ByGlobal News Media

Jan 27, 2023
Derek Lancaster of oven valeting service Ovenu Darlington

Oven valeting service Ovenu Darlington has experienced a 10 percent rise in telephone enquiries during the first half of January as clients increasingly adopt a ‘make do and mend’ attitude.

Owner Derek Lancaster said the figure highlights a growing trend among householders to restore the shine to their oven rather than investing significant sums in a new appliance.

He said: “In these times of financial constraint, there is definitely a ‘make do and mend’ attitude, which is reinforced by a general move away from being a throw-away society.

“Telephone enquiries in early January are 10 percent up compared with the same period last year, and this is being prompted by people wanting to avoid making any major outlays.

“The feedback I’ve had from clients is that they would rather spend money having their oven professionally valeted in order to extend its lifespan and improve its efficiency and performance.

“Some householders would have previously gone out and bought a new cooker simply because their old one was in a state. However, we can restore an oven to near showroom condition, which is also much kinder to the environment.’

Regular cleaning and the replacement of faulty parts can keep a cooker working between 10 to 15 years – and in some cases much longer.

A build-up of grease can quickly compromise crucial components, including door seals, switches, fans and temperature sensors, which in turn can affect the appliance’s performance and lead to higher energy costs. In addition, it also improves the taste of the food and reduces the risk of fire.

Derek said: “The rise in telephone enquiries is from both current and new clients who see the cost benefits of getting as many years use as possible from their cooking appliance, rather than needlessly scrapping it in favour of the latest model.”

Rik Hellewell, the founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise, added: “The fact more clients are picking up the phone did take us a little by surprise, but it reflects the new mindset of reducing waste and becoming a more sustainable society.”

The Ovenu process involves dismantling key components such as the door, interior panels, fan, and shelves and placing them in design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic and biodegradable products to clean the oven parts. The whole process leaves the oven in a near showroom condition.

Ovenu Darlington also covers Bedale, Leyburn, Northallerton, Barnard Castle, Newton Aycliffe, Shildon, Bishop Auckland, and surrounding areas. For a free quote, call Derek on 01325 540002, email darlington@ovenu.co.uk or visit https://www.ovenu.co.uk/oven_cleaning/darlington/