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Material in the making showcased at Gala Theatre

203 Audiences are invited to Gala Theatre on Tuesday 28 June at 7.30pm for Next Up… an evening showcasing new work by some of the most exciting new theatre-makers in the North East.

This event, the first of its kind at the Durham Council County venue, offers a first look at work-in-progress shows, as artist’s try out their work in front of an audience.

Jo Cundall, Arts Programme Manager at Gala Theatre said: “We are really excited that our new event Next Up… is part of our summer season. We wanted to open up our building a bit as we think the Gala Theatre is a brilliant place to make new work so we wanted to share it!  We hope that it will prove successful with artists and audiences alike, and go on to become a regular feature of our programme.

“It is a relaxed evening of performance in the Gala Theatre’s Studio and following the performances, we would encourage the audience members to join in conversation with the theatre makers and give constructive feedback, which the artists can take back into the rehearsal room.”

Featuring theatre, poetry, dance and more, the first event will include extracts from the following local theatre makers and performance artists:

Zoe Murtagh presents The Lamp Post Petition, a piece about ageing, grandparents and how stories we are told change as we confirm them as our own – a performance about family histories, yarn bombers, Werther’s Originals and how maybe we could do a bit more to support the older people in our lives.

Maria Crocker and Charlotte Butler present Better Than Therapy? This song cycle musical explores the relationship between Jack, a security guard struggling in the wake of his wife’s untimely death, and Mandy, a talented yet insecure life coach. Exploring the theme of identity this piece asks the enduring question – can people ever really change?

Jennifer Carss showcases her comedic solo radio play Gone to the Dogs, which follows children’s entertainer Hayley who wakes up after one too many tequilas and remembers what she’s supposed to be doing on a Sunday morning. Featuring sound effects and lots of vocal expression, the piece centres around the things we have to do to scrape a living.

Theatre company Royal Beggars, presents a piece firmly rooted in their own experiences of ‘systems’ that fail those who need help. Belle is fairly sure that ‘they’ are trying to kill her with endless form filling. She is also sure that ‘they’ have eyes, and that her neighbours are just waiting for her to prove she’s a liar. Except she needs a wheelchair. But only sometimes. Except she needs help getting out of bed. But only sometimes. And she’s fairly sure that the assessor that’s moved in isn’t real but she can’t be sure… because she’s fairly sure her childhood rabbit isn’t shouting profanities either.

You are 12 years old. Your brother’s older friend takes you to a convention. A comic convention.12 year old you thinks it may just be your new favourite thing. Before (the line is lost) by Holly Gallagher is a one woman solo show which addresses cosplay, comic conventions, and consent, both in reality and online, through storytelling, autobiographical experience, and interviews with cosplayers of varying ages, races, and genders from the UK, USA, and Canada.

Tickets, which cost just £4 can be purchased online at www.galadurham.co.uk, via the box office on 03000 266 600 or in person at the venue.

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