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Maximizing Performance at Donington Park with SmartyCam 3


Jun 18, 2024

, presents a thrilling challenge for drivers of all levels. Its mix of fast straights, technical corners, and elevation changes demands precision, skill, and constant improvement. Enter the SmartyCam 3, an advanced on-board camera system that not only records your laps but also provides valuable data to enhance your performance. Here’s how you can use SmartyCam 3 to unlock faster lap times at Donington Park.

Understanding SmartyCam 3

SmartyCam 3 is more than just a video recorder. It integrates with your car’s data logging systems, overlaying telemetry data directly onto your video footage. This gives you real-time insights into your driving, including speed, throttle position, brake pressure, G-forces, and more. With high-quality video and precise data overlay, it’s a powerful tool for any serious racer.

Key Features for Performance Improvement

  1. Real-Time Data Overlay: SmartyCam 3 synchronizes video with data from your car’s ECU or standalone data logger. This means you can see exactly where and when you are accelerating, braking, and cornering, pinpointing areas for improvement.

  2. GPS Integration: The system’s GPS module tracks your precise position on the circuit, allowing for accurate lap times and sector analysis. This helps you identify which sections of the track you’re losing time on and why.

  3. HD Video Quality: High-definition video captures every detail of your laps, from racing lines to car handling. This clarity is crucial for post-session analysis, enabling you to review and refine your driving techniques.

  4. User-Friendly Software: The accompanying software provides a comprehensive analysis platform. You can compare laps, view detailed telemetry data, and generate reports to track your progress over time.

How to Use SmartyCam 3 at Donington Park

  1. Initial Setup: Ensure your SmartyCam 3 is properly mounted and connected to your car’s data systems. Set up the GPS module for accurate lap tracking and configure the video and data overlay settings to suit your preferences.

  2. Recording Laps: During your track sessions, SmartyCam 3 will record your laps with all the integrated data. Focus on driving smoothly and consistently to gather valuable data for analysis.

  3. Post-Session Analysis: After your session, upload the video and data to the SmartyCam software. Review your laps, paying close attention to key corners such as Redgate, Old Hairpin, and the Esses. Look for patterns in your driving, such as braking too early or late, inconsistent throttle application, or suboptimal racing lines.

  4. Comparing Laps: Use the software to compare your fastest lap with others. Identify where you’re losing time and why. For example, if you’re slower through Craner Curves, check if it’s due to a lack of confidence or incorrect racing lines.

  5. Setting Goals: Based on your analysis, set specific goals for your next session. Focus on improving one aspect at a time, such as braking later into Melbourne Hairpin or carrying more speed through Coppice.

  6. Continuous Improvement: Racing is all about continuous improvement. Regularly review your data, make adjustments, and track your progress. SmartyCam 3’s detailed insights will help you make informed decisions and steadily lower your lap times.

Tips for Donington Park

  1. Nail the First Corner: Redgate is crucial as it sets the tone for the rest of the lap. Use SmartyCam 3 to perfect your braking and turn-in points.

  2. Smooth Through Craner Curves: This high-speed section requires confidence and precision. Analyze your throttle and steering inputs to ensure smooth, controlled movements.

  3. Late Braking at Melbourne: Melbourne Hairpin is a prime overtaking spot. Practice late braking techniques, using SmartyCam 3 to find the optimal braking point.

  4. Optimize Your Line Through Coppice: A good exit from Coppice leads to a fast run down Starkey’s Straight. Use the video to refine your line for maximum speed.


SmartyCam 3 is a game-changer for any racer looking to improve their performance at Donington Park. By providing detailed video and telemetry data, it allows you to analyze every aspect of your driving, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time. With consistent use and focused analysis, you’ll be shaving

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