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MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security conference, online on 14th June 2021

Too often cyber-security is an after-thought, or worse, not really taken seriously until something goes wrong.

However, in our digital world, all forms of communication networks are based upon the need to understand identity. Trusting the identity of the person you are communicating with digitally is at the very heart of protecting ourselves. We need to protect our own identity and we need to be sure others have protected theirs.

Mobile is relied upon by most people, companies and industries on the planet – but take security out of mobile communications and the world would eventually stop.

The 7th MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum) global survey on Consumer Trust showed that 49% of smartphone users are already concerned about fraud via their phone, the highest recorded.

And things are getting worse. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a 2000% increase in the number of cyber threats on telecoms networks, according to a report by an alliance of several telecommunications companies. The industry needs to coalesce to defend the mobile experience.

On Monday 14th June the Mobile Ecosystem Forum will be hosting ‘MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security’. This is a one-day event dedicated to the key cyber-security issues being tackled today and the challenges for the future.

With the participation of leading industry experts, analysts, technology vendors and service providers, MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security will be covering all critical areas including a deep dive into the key attack vectors: signalling; virtualisation; network management; and the supply chain. There will be specific sessions focused on: IoT; Cloud and Network Security; Cryptography; Identity; Authentication; Payments; and Omnichannel communications.

Speakers include experts from Telefonica, Orange, Tata Communications, Adaptive Mobile, Palo Alto Networks, Nokia, HPE, IPification, WMC Global, NokNok Labs, IMImobile, Neustar, Cellusys, Global Message Services, Mobileum, Zariot, Pelion, POD Group, Apiro Data, GSMA, ATIS and many more.

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MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum) is a global trade body established in 2000 and headquartered in the UK with members across the world. As the voice of the mobile ecosystem, it focuses on cross-industry best practices, anti-fraud and monetisation. The Forum provides its members with global and cross-sector platforms for networking, collaboration and advancing industry solutions.





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