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Monaco Grand Prix 2024: Preview and Predictions

The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix is set to deliver another thrilling chapter in Formula 1’s storied history. Scheduled for May 26, this race, held on the iconic Circuit de Monaco, promises a blend of glamour, precision driving, and high-stakes competition. As teams and drivers prepare for this prestigious event, several key storylines have emerged.

McLaren’s Resurgence

McLaren has shown significant improvement this season, positioning themselves as serious contenders. Lando Norris, fresh from strong performances, is in peak form and is widely considered a potential winner for the Monaco GP. The team’s recent upgrades have enhanced their performance, particularly in low-speed corners, which are critical for success on Monaco’s tight, winding circuit. This improvement was evident in Norris’s near-victory at Imola, where he challenged Max Verstappen until the final laps​ (SportsKhabri)​​ (Sky Sports)​.

Red Bull’s Continued Dominance

Red Bull, led by Max Verstappen, remains a formidable force. Verstappen, who excels in wet conditions, might benefit from the forecasted rain during practice sessions, although race day is expected to be clear. His mastery in challenging weather conditions, combined with Red Bull’s robust performance, makes him a top contender for the win​ (SportsKhabri)​​ (Sky Sports)​.

Ferrari’s Optimism

Charles Leclerc, Monaco’s hometown hero, is optimistic about Ferrari’s chances. Despite a challenging season, Leclerc believes Ferrari’s recent improvements could translate into a strong performance. Leclerc’s familiarity with the circuit and his desire to win his home race add an emotional layer to his campaign​ (Sky Sports)​.

Aston Martin’s Struggles

Aston Martin has faced setbacks, with their latest upgrades not meeting expectations. Fernando Alonso, who nearly took pole position last year and finished second, acknowledges the difficulties ahead. The team has lost pace compared to competitors, making a repeat of last year’s success unlikely. However, Alonso’s experience and skill could still yield a surprising result​ (SportsKhabri)​.

Weather and Its Impact

Weather conditions are predicted to play a crucial role in this year’s race. Rain is expected during the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, potentially disrupting the teams’ preparations and adding unpredictability to the qualifying sessions. However, race day is forecasted to be clear, with only an 8% chance of rain, although winds will be a constant factor throughout the weekend​ (SportsKhabri)​​ (AlpineCars)​.

Detailed Schedule

  • Practice 1: May 24, 17:00 IST
  • Practice 2: May 24, 20:30 IST
  • Practice 3: May 25, 16:00 IST
  • Qualifying: May 25, 19:30 IST
  • Race: May 26, 18:30 IST​ (SportsKhabri)​​ (Sky Sports)​.


Winner: Lando Norris of McLaren is the favorite due to his recent form and the team’s improvements. However, Max Verstappen should never be underestimated, especially if the weather becomes a factor​ (SportsKhabri)​.

Surprise Driver: Carlos Sainz of Ferrari, who has had a series of average finishes, might find the right rhythm in Monaco to deliver an outstanding performance​ (SportsKhabri)​.

Surprise Team: Alpine has shown signs of recovery and, given Monaco’s lack of emphasis on engine power, could perform well. Their aerodynamic packages and chassis upgrades are expected to give them an edge​ (SportsKhabri)​​ (AlpineCars)​.

The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix is shaping up to be a must-watch event, blending the unique challenges of the Monte Carlo circuit with the drama and excitement that only Formula 1 can offer. Whether it’s McLaren’s resurgence, Red Bull’s consistency, Ferrari’s hometown hero, or the unpredictable weather, this year’s race promises to be a captivating spectacle.

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