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The must-play games you can’t afford to miss


May 28, 2017

The world of online gaming has certainly evolved over the past decade or so. Once the province of spotty teenagers in darkened rooms, these days, people of all ages and demographics enjoy games of numerous types on their PC, tablet and smartphone. In fact, today’s global gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and the North East is rapidly becoming a hotbed for game development and design.  

Games are a great way of winding down, relieving stress, interacting with friends, and maybe even winning a bit of money! Add to that the fact that you will be helping out the local economy, and you have more than enough reasons to join the gaming revolution! Let’s take a look at four types of games that really should be on your hit list.

Sports games

From the predawn era of the computer, there have always been sports simulators, and anyone the wrong side of 40 will remember playing Pong in their distant youth. Today, the technology means a more realistic sports simulation than ever, and games such as FIFA 17 bring unprecedented levels of realism into the gameplay.

Yet perhaps it is the smartphone games that really capture the imagination, particularly among adults. Games such as Pro Feel Golf are free to download and are great for killing a bit of time on the train. They can also be quite competitive, with the option to play one or more holes against friends or random opponents.

Casino sites

Who wouldn’t like to be James Bond once in a while, with all the glamour of the roulette wheel or the blackjack table? Online casino websites give you the opportunity to do just that, from the comfort of your own home.

As well as providing a fun diversion from day-to-day life, many of these games are great for focusing the mind and evaluating risk versus return, a valuable skill in every situation. While people generally play for fun, you might even get the added bonus of winning some money through your hobby.

Social games

The rise of social media over the past decade has also led to a whole new phenomenon that is known as the social game. Perhaps the best-known example is Farmville, which quite literally took the world by storm when it was introduced in 2009, holding its position as the most popular game on Facebook for more than two years.

What really captures the attention with games such as Farmville is the social aspect. It is impossible to progress far without interacting and cooperating with other players – and the more the better. For this reason, Farmville is responsible for thousands of friendships made, and more than a few relationships blossoming as rapidly as those virtual crops.

Platform games

Frogger, Pac Man, Sonic the Hedgehog – the list of platform games that has captured our attention over the years is huge, and today, games like these are as popular as ever. Many of the classics have been reimagined for your smartphone, so it is worth having a search on Google Play.

If, however, it is something modern that you are looking for, check out Yooka-Laylee by Playtonic, a game that blends the nostalgia of traditional platform games with the latest gaming technology. It’s the gaming equivalent of Heston Blumenthal dishing up a chicken Kiev.

A popular pastime for all ages

It is not until we look back on the early days of gaming that we see just how long computer games have been around. The technology might have advanced, but at heart, the games fulfil the same purpose as they always have, and are part of the fabric of today’s society.

Whatever your age, and whether you are into motor racing, farming or shooting aliens, enjoy your gaming!

By Emily