• Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

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New US-Teesside cybersecurity partnership set to create new North East jobs

Radiflow, the US and Israel-based leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions for industrial automation networks, and Industrial Technology Systems (ITS), the Middlesbrough, UK-headquartered specialist independent systems integrator, today jointly announced that ITS is adding new operational technology (OT) cybersecurity services for preventing business interruption for its process manufacturing customers based on Radiflow’s portfolio of industrial cybersecurity technologies.

ITS anticipates that these new OT cybersecurity services will create jobs involving the assessment process, implementation of remedial work and continuous monitoring and improvement of customer systems.

The ITS business focuses on process control and management information system solutions for regulated industries. The company has extensive experience working on engineering projects with industrial enterprises in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, nuclear and other heavily regulated industries.

Recently, ITS has experienced an increased demand for engineering projects involving the integration of the IT and OT networks of its manufacturing customers. While these IT-OT merger projects deliver customers numerous benefits in terms of operational productivity, these customers are now exposed to a new set of cybersecurity risks that threaten to interrupt the newly integrated business and manufacturing processes in their OT environments.

To protect against the new vulnerabilities resulting from these IT-OT merger projects, ITS has identified an attractive market opportunity to offer OT cybersecurity services. To capitalise on this market opportunity, ITS has partnered with Radiflow and will offer these new services based on the company’s portfolio of industrial cybersecurity technologies. In particular, ITS will be using Radiflow’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection System to map the industrial assets of its customers, monitor the network for anomalies and detect and respond to security breach alerts.

“Radiflow’s portfolio of game-changing industrial cybersecurity technologies empowers us to offer a new set of valuable services for our customers to maintain complete visibility and control of their OT and IT networks,” explained Mark Taylor, Director of Business Development at ITS. “The Radiflow technologies give us the essential tools to detect anomalies in real-time to the operations of a network and implement the appropriate measures to protect the facilities of customers from any cybersecurity weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious third parties.”

“As we ramp up our presence in the process manufacturing space, we are seeing more and more system integrators, MSSPs and end users looking for OT cybersecurity solutions to address the risks of business interruption in operational environments,” said David Moss, Vice President of Sales at Radiflow. “We have strong expectations for building a long term relationship with ITS and playing a significant role in helping the company better serve its customers.”