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Newcastle games company starts crowdfunding campaign

ByNGI Solutions

Oct 21, 2018

Newcastle-based Eurydice Games is bringing its second game, FlickFleet, to Kickstarter on 8th November 2018. FlickFleet is a space battle game where two players compete in pre-defined scenarios or pick fleets to face off in a fair fight. The game uses dexterity elements, with players flicking their acrylic space ships into position and then flicking dice at their enemy’s ships to destroy them. The game uses a couple of innovative mechanisms to quickly simulate a space battle in a fast, fun package: the dice representing weapons have to physically hit the target ship in order to deal damage and each of the larger ships has a dashboard tracking the ship’s capabilities and condition.

Of the game, Eurydice Games MD Jackson Pope said: “FlickFleet is by far the most approachable game I’ve brought to market – it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s quick to play”.

FlickFleet is a two player game for players aged 8 and older, games last 10-20 minutes each.

Eurydice Games is planning an unusual two phase campaign targeting a hand-crafted run of 500 games unless the Kickstarter funding reaches £20,000 when a switch will be made to mass production. The base pledge will be £27 plus S&H and the campaign will run until 8th December. All pledges are due to be fulfilled by November 2019.


About Eurydice Games Ltd.: Eurydice Games Ltd. are committed to publishing fast, fun tabletop games. Founded in 2017, Eurydice Games is Jackson Pope who previously published four games as Reiver Games (2006-2011) and his FlickFleet co-designer Paul Willcox.

Kickstarter preview: www.kickstarter.com/projects/eurydice-games/1676261151?ref=576403&token=01526c38

Website: www.eurydicegames.co.uk/games/flickfleet/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eurydicegames/

BoardGameGeek Listing: www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame