Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.19.31North East technology company Synergi IT is expanding its software range and developing a new division to manage its growth.

The Tyneside company has established a strategic asset management (SAM) division after signing an exclusive UK partnership with world-leading Australian software firm, Assetic.

Synergi will now bring innovative software and services to the UK and Europe for the first time, helping large businesses and public sector organisations better manage the degradation of assets and an aging infrastructure.

Peter Joynson, managing director of Synergi IT, explained: “Assetic’s powerful specialist software will allow large private and public sector organisations better manage and maintain a large asset stock. It will be an important tool for local authorities, the utilities and NHS, organisations that are facing financial cuts and need to manage asset decay.”

This partnership deal with Assetic represents an expansion in services and markets for Synergi which remains focussed on delivering specialists IT support to businesses in the North East and Scotland in Microsoft Cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint, along with Nintex and associated products.

Mr Joynson added: “Our ethos at Synergi is about driving the adoption of the next generation of IT business technology tools. When the opportunity arose to work closely with a world-leading software firm like Assetic, it was a natural fit.”

There is a growing and acknowledged need for improved infrastructure and asset management in the UK, with the National Infrastructure Plan predicting that better management of the country’s assets will save an estimated £30bn in the next 10 years.

Synergi will be running a series of masterclass events on Assetic and strategic asset management for invited audiences at events in London, Newcastle and Glasgow in July.

Assetic solutions are backed by a decade of asset management science, enabling organisations to make more informed decisions about budget allocation for maintenance and renewal of their asset stock. Using the powerful tools in the Assetic suite, Synergi will help organisations reduce their rate of asset degradation by making more intelligent decisions about budget allocation.