Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 09.02.35A NORTH EAST marketing agency has been appointed to help one of the region’s newest businesses launch its video recruitment software globally.

Sunderland-based, McDonough Marketing Communications, is working with software start-up business, Shine, to help promote its product, which uses cloud-based video to interview prospective job candidates.

Shine, based at the eVolve Centre in Rainton Bridge, is now engaging with large blue chip multinationals, all keen to harness the power of video in their recruitment campaigns.

“I wanted Shine to think and act like a multi-million pound software giant from the start”, said Natasha McDonough, MD of McDonough Marketing Communications.

“Software for recruiters is a vast market, but I could easily see how Shine could be different.  For a start, it’s cloud based, fully responsive and candidates can send interview answers straight from their smart phones.

“Having worked with many recruiters, I know how powerful a tool like this could be in their hands – they can literally sift, score and organise shortlists from wherever they are.”

She added, “I believe Shine has an incredible opportunity, not least through tapping into the North East’s recruitment market but on a global basis, too; so I was able to identify quite quickly how we could get a full inbound marketing campaign up and running.”

Mobile video consumption has increased by 35 per cent in the last year and mobile recruitment is also steadily growing.

Shine was initially launched out of frustration following years of CV sifting in previous roles by its founder and CEO, David Copple.

David, has been involved with start-ups for a number of years and was previously the Chief Technology Officer of Test Factory.  He also held roles at Communicator, while it was part of the Leighton Group and 2Touch.

The software created by Shine can be applied to various sectors, including the contact centre market, where there is a high level of recruitment required.

“Natasha lives and breathes marketing, she’s well connected and has introduced me to many potential clients already,” he said.

“Through working with Natasha and her associate team, I feel confident that I have a solid marketing plan in place along with a powerful brand image and highly optimised website.   I’m thrilled to say we’re on track to building our customer base.”

For more information about McDonough Marketing Communications please contact Natasha McDonough by emailing or calling 0191 548 3448 or 07956 165978.

Further information about Shine is also available at