A Tynemouth snowboarder who recently published her first book will be taking over Twitter at Snozone in Castleford tomorrow (Friday 6 July).

The book written by Kate Mackay, a 48-year-old snowboarder and life coach, aims to bring the confidence tips and tricks learnt on the piste to the workplace and everyday life.

‘Take It All On Board’ is a self-development book with a difference, and promising 8 steps to master the slope & life with confidence. The book provides a structured approach to help the reader achieve their goals. It has evolved from Kate’s experiences of snowboarding and her desire to influence things for the better.

Snowboarding is often perceived to be a male-dominated, extreme sport and Kate, a Certified Performance Coach, blogger, mum, guest lecturer and NHS management consultant didn’t take up the sport until in her thirties.

“This book brings together two of my biggest passions – snowboarding and supporting people to achieve success,” said Kate Mackay. “My whole career has been about helping people gain confidence in the workplace. When I first took to the slopes I didn’t find it easy at all, but support from others helped develop my own internal motivation and it quickly became a passion.

“However, it also made me realise that the sport is an art and a science, and as with life, to master it requires effort and commitment. The techniques I used to have also made me grow as a person as I have become more self-aware and this is transferable knowledge from the piste to everyday life.”

Containing both technical and confidence tips ‘Take It All On Board’ is all about taking small steps to take you out of your comfort zone but also how to recover from the inevitable backward steps along the way.

Kate signed copies of her book at Snozone earlier this year and has been invited back as many Snozone members missed the opportunity to meet Kate last time.

Zoë Ombler, Snozone’s Head of Marketing commented: “We’re delighted that Kate has agreed to our first-ever Twitter takeover – she’s an inspiration to women of any age thinking that snowsports couldn’t possibly be something they could participate in – and we hope her story will encourage anyone new to snowboarding or skiing to come and have a go!”

Elaine from Hull was lucky enough to get a signed copy at the last event and says “’Take it All On Board’ is a great book to build confidence and positive mental attitude through goal-based exercises. I found it an inspiring book for those needing encouragement for their first times on the slopes.”

Kate will be taking over the Snozone twitter tomorrow from 10am. If you have a #snowboarding query or want to know more about her new book? Tweet your questions now using the hashtag #TakeSnozoneonboard

The Twitter takeover is running as part of the Love Members week at Snozone in Castleford. Snozone is the UK’s leading snow centres for indoor skiing and snowboarding on real snow. Snozone’s three indoor snow centres, located in Milton Keynes, Castleford and Basingstoke, offer skiers and snowboarders an authentic slope experience.