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Northallerton’s recently upgraded ShopWatch system continues to reap rewards

Northallerton’s recently upgraded ShopWatch system continues to reap rewards.

Earlier this year, the Safer Hambleton Community Safety Hub supported the ShopWatch scheme to improve the radio system between shopkeepers, the Police and the CCTV control room at Hambleton District Council allowing them to stay in touch and report to each other if there are criminals active in the area.

And due to close working relationships between them numerous incidents have been resolved in Northallerton.

 One store reported a female attempting to steal goods; CCTV via active monitoring was able to see the female retrieving previously hidden bags. The Police were alerted by the CCTV operator, and directed to the female who was subsequently arrested.

 In another incident, a male was seen brandishing a hammer and CCTV were alerted, the Operator directed officers were directed to the male, who was then arrested.

 Another store in town reported a male having hidden items before leaving. The CCTV operator was able to quickly review the footage, leading to officers being directed to his current whereabouts. Officers attended, and the male was arrested for both this and previous outstanding offences.

 A couple were reported to have stolen items, and their descriptions were passed to CCTV and other retailers. The couple were spotted in another store and CCTV were able to direct officers to them leading to their arrest.

 Following a report of two males leaving a shop with armfuls of DVDs, CCTV was able to monitor them to a vehicle. The registration number was noted and reported to the Police control room. Officers were able to quickly attend but the two males ran from them. CCTV again monitored their route and both males were subsequently arrested. The vehicle was subsequently recovered, on being searched; various other offences came to light including going equipped and no insurance.

“Confidence has grown considerably in the ShopWatch scheme in Northallerton,” said Gina Allen, the Safer Hambleton Co-ordinator.

“The upgrade is producing excellent results for our communities and leading to the arrests of shoplifters and other potentially dangerous criminals in the area.

“As Christmas approaches, shoppers are reminded to keep themselves and their belongings safe but they can be reassured that the ShopWatch members, CCTV control team and the local police are responding effectively and promptly to any incident reported and doing all they can to keep residents and visitors safe from harm.”

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