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OES Oilfield Services Group land major technology accolade for Dropped Objects innovation

18991Stockton-based OES Oilfield Services Group, in collaboration with Askaris Information Technology Limited, has been awarded a prestigious Spotlight on New Technology award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for its Dropped Objects safety innovation.

The global offshore asset inspection specialist has been named among just 13 companies worldwide by OTC, which celebrates the latest and most-advanced hardware and software technologies leading the offshore industry into the future.

OES’ innovation, Dropped Objects Prevention Programme (DOPP), which was developed by Askaris IT software engineers in Stockton-On-Tees, is a technologically-innovative tablet-based, four-stage programme, which evaluates each rig site’s ability to control, implement and mitigate Dropped Objects.

Using this information, a bespoke awareness package is created and delivered to all personnel on the rig in the form of classroom and on-site hands on training.

Enis Suleyman, Chief Operating Officer, OES Oilfield Services Group, said “Dropped Objects is one of the top 10 causes of fatality and serious injury in the Oil and Gas Industry.  They are also a major contributor to unplanned downtime to assets globally.

“OES is very proud to present the latest in technology in order to reduce downtime and injury.  OES and Askaris Information Technology Limited have collaborated for the past three years, using the ground-breaking software applications and latest hardware, to create the Dropped Objects Prevention Programme.

“The Programme provides a rapidly deployable Dropped Objects Solution in the harshest of environments, with online and offline capabilities by offering end-to- end visibility and full audit traceability to offshore and onshore personnel.  The utilisation of “Big Data” helps companies gather data today that will help strategic decision making tomorrow.”

Richard Upshall, Executive Chairman, OES Oilfield Services Group, said “Great to get the recognition and the endorsement that even in this market, money on innovation is money well spent.”

Spotlight Award Committee Chair Mark Kalman said: “The 2016 Spotlight Award winners embody OTC’s mission to advance scientific and technical knowledge for the safe, environmentally friendly development of offshore oil and gas resources.  Thanks to these recipients’ pioneering spirit, offshore E&P will continue to play a key role in supplying the world with energy in a sustainable manner.”

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