Online sign up is now available for garden waste collection services for 2017 in Sunderland.
A £27.50 charge is in place, and residents who sign up will receive 17 collections of their garden waste, from April – November 2017.

Councillor Michael Mordey, Portfolio Holder for City Services said: “Our residents do a great job at recycling, and over 30,000 households signed up for the garden waste collection service for this year, recycling 6000 tonnes of garden waste between April and September.

Due to massive Government cuts we simply can’t afford to offer this service for free, and we feel that charging £27.50 per year or £1.62 per collection for 17 collections is a better option than losing the service altogether.”

Residents who want to receive the garden waste service need to make their payment before 1 March 2017 in order to receive all 17 collections. The sign up charge will be the same regardless of when people sign up.

To sign up for collections, and pay using a debit or credit card, go to