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Jun 5, 2023

Deadly with a scalpel, and marking enemies for death, this fiendish fox debut is one to remember

XD Games, Shanghai — April 26, 2023 |  With Flash Party’s ninth season, The Wheel of Destiny, well underway, developer XD Games is debuting their latest playable hero to join the colourful roster: Foxx! Now available to unlock in-game, this scalpel-wielding fighter is a fierce assaulter capable of delivering devastating attacks at close range with one or two tricks hidden up his spectral sleeve.

Foxx is a great pick for Flash Party fans who favour close-quarters action over anything else! The 22nd hero in Flash Party utilises the unique combos his scalpels can provide, Foxx is able to deliver massive amounts of damage to his foes. Firstly, his blue scalpel is used to perform a neutral attack, which applies a ‘Soul Mark’ to his enemies. Using his red scalpel, Foxx is able to unleash lethal follow-up attacks and even detonate the ‘Soul Mark’ to create an extra explosion. A lethal two-pronged, or rather scalpelled, attack that will see players gain a vital edge against their opponents in battle.

Check out a sneak-peak of Foxx in the video below:

But it doesn’t stop there! After equipping Colourful Stickers, Foxx’s skills will gain even stronger combo abilities, and his giant hand (did we mention he has an enormous spectral hand?) will be empowered further, helping him seize the initiative — and other players — on the battlefield. Perfect for grabs, counter attacks or just getting in close to deliver the final blow, Foxx’s hands-on approach will take Flash Party by storm.

The scalpel is his weapon of victory, the spectral hand his ultimate support and the unquenchable soul fire under Foxx’s eye patch will ignite cheers and applause throughout the Flash Party.

New Legendary Skin for Alice: The Little Gardener Coming Soon!

It’s not just Foxx who is a welcome addition to Flash Party. As the weather warms up, Alice has put on her gardener’s outfit and is raring and ready to go to the most popular outdoor destination in Metropolis to plant flowers – or, play in the mud!

A new series of skins: Vernal Ode, including the Legendary Alice skin: The Little Gardener and the new hero Foxx skin: Primavera Painter, will also be launched in-game today so make sure to check them out!

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