StanleyAAPThe Stanley Area Action Partnership (AAP) has been recognising the excellent work of local volunteers and organisations in the Stanley area.  

The AAP have awarded a number of Certificates for Outstanding Community Service to individuals and groups that have gone the extra mile and were nominated for recognition by individuals who have directly benefitted from their hard work and generosity.

One such organisation is the Single Homeless Action Initiative in Durham (SHAID).  

Kevin Howe, SHAID Manager said: “As a team we are thrilled to have received acknowledgement from Stanley AAP for the work we do.

“Having been in operation since 1998, we have helped thousands of young people avert homelessness, worked very closely with housing providers, social services, the p Durham Constabluary, Durham County Council and more recently local town councillors.

“Over the past five years, we have worked with former armed forces personnel who have fallen on hard times and have become homeless themselves. To date, we have housed and re-housed well over 500 veterans, many settling in the Stanley area.

We have a strong, committed team across all services and I’m proud to be at the helm of such a great organisation. The credit for this award should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the front line workers who never give up and consistently achieve the best outcomes for their clients. They richly deserve this recognition.

Other recipients of the Certificates were: John Milburn, an IT Volunteer with Age UK in County Durham; Margaret Jobson and Enid Dent who run the Betjeman Dining Circle for elderly residents, and Linda Kirk of the Just for Women Centre in Stanley.

Stanley AAP brings local people and organisations together with Durham County Council and its partners to have a greater say on how services are provided in the area.  

Anyone who wants to be kept up-to-date about the work of the AAP or would like to join one of its Priority Task Groups can join the Stanley AAP Forum. It is open to anyone who lives, works, volunteers or studies in the Stanley area. For more information, contact the Stanley AAP Office at the Louisa Centre, Stanley either in person or by calling 03000 265323 or email