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Reasons To Ask For Help With Dissertation Statistics

ByDave Stopher

Apr 12, 2024

Can Anyone Help With Dissertation Statistics

When you write a dissertation, it’s natural to try to achieve the best result and do everything possible for this. In any dissertation what really counts are not outcomes, but the appropriate methods you have used for attaining these results. Besides a properly carried out experiment, a great weight has an adequate dissertation statistical analysis of the data presented in one’s paper. 


In fact, many examiners might ask during the defense about the particular statistical technique a student used in the research. You may have heard that this science deals with collective phenomena determinable by mathematical methods. In simple words, statistics is indispensable for transforming data into useful information. 


It can be complicated to execute a statistical analysis, especially when you must manage much data. Fortunately, websites such as Thesisgeek.com provide help with dissertation statistics to students who are engaged in PhD thesis writing. By following a direct link, you will find detailed information about how you can get help with your final academic paper, and with statistics above all.

The Importance of Statistics in Dissertations: Data vs. Info

Statistical analysis is essential for thesis and dissertation for a simple reason. When you think about statistics you think about information. Actually, the terms “data” and “information” are often used interchangeably; that is a mistake.  Many people consider these words synonyms. However, a dissertation statistician, whom you can find at Thesisgeek.com, knows well about the difference between them. Let’s try to understand why you should avoid referring to data as information:

  1. Data

When talking about data, you mean raw or elementary information. You deal with symbols that present some value. But in order to obtain useful information you must process these elementary facts. You cannot use general information, but it must be interpreted. For example, if you write a number 30, it remains only numerical data without specific meaning. But if you ask for dissertation statistics help, specialists will associate this number with a factor you need for your dissertation. It can be age or sales amount depending on the topic of your research. Data is usually stored in databases in hardware. More extensive information about types of data, you can read on this page, while we will describe several categories: 

  • simple data: it’s a number, symbol, or word.
  • complex data: by composing a few simple data, you can obtain this type. 
  • digital data: this type is expressed in specific dimensions, and for its writing it uses a binary code, for instance, bit, MP3, or JPEG. 
  • analog data: display values using continuous signals. For example, electrical voltmeter, vinyl records, or parameters you see on a barometer. This type of data must be converted into a digital one. As you see, it’s the whole world in which statistician help for dissertation can be exceptionally worthwhile. 


  1. Information

The origins of this word are Latin, and it means “to give shape to mind”, and “to discipline”. The processing of data and transforming it into information implies interpretation of the first. You find information in journals, websites, TV programs as well. This is an oral or written communication that is clear and meaningful for people. In order for information to be digested and absorbed by others, you must be able to interpret data correctly. That’s why statistics dissertation help can be extremely handy when you write your paper. 


When you plan a dissertation and conduct preliminary research, you gather a lot of data. It can be quantitative or qualitative according to your research topic. In any case, data and its further interpretation are the basis of any research. 


Dissertation Statistics Help: Expert Guidance

When you collect data by using databases, surveys, or records, you have to present this information. But, as described previously, to become information data must be processed and analyzed. There are several software used by scientists, and experts from dissertation statistics service Thesisgeek.com are familiar with all of them. 


Despite an appropriate program, you should also understand what statistical technique to use for better results. In fact, software such as Excel, Jamovi, R, SAS, and others are widely used by professional statisticians. But it’s important to gather good quality data, otherwise, you will not obtain accurate outcomes. In addition, it’s crucial to input your collected data in a table or graph by respecting a proper structure. By hiring a statistician for dissertation, you can avoid nervous breakdown if you’re not good at performing this task. 

Choosing a Dissertation Writing Company

If you have enough time, you can find some books or videos containing explanations about how to conduct statistical analysis. Certainly, you can find some examples online; however, it’s easier said than done. The amount of data can be rather confusing for anyone. Actually, a lot of students waste time formatting tables, graphs, and histograms. Moreover, when writing a dissertation, your task is to insert new data, as one of the main principles of this paper is a novel discovery. It’s a big piece of work, and seeking statistics help for dissertation can really be the best solution. 


There are many companies operating in the digital market that offer their services with academic papers. Some of them are reputable such as Thesisgeek.com, while others might take advantage of your difficulties. It’s fundamental to check up attentively the website, experts’ profiles, and company’s policy before submitting statistical help for dissertation

Such a paper as a dissertation is too important to fail. Thus, do not catch the first chance to be helped, but reflect carefully.