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209Household recycling rates in Hambleton have soared following the introduction of a brand new system.

Over the last two weeks new wheelie bins to take more recyclables than ever before were emptied for the first time – and there was 45% more to collect!

District Council trucks took 258 tonnes to the depot – compared to 178 tonnes at the same time in 2015.

The authority has provided most homes with a new blue lidded wheelie bin to enable residents to recycle more at the kerbside – the bin can take extra plastics, cardboard, paper, foil, cartons, cans and aerosols.   Glass continues to be collected in the current blue box.   Collection dates do not change.

“We have been staggered by the amount of recyclables left at the kerbside and by the quality.   Everyone has embraced the changes – and the hope that these improvements will see household recycling and composting rates hit 53% by 2020 look to already be on target,” said Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Robson.

For more information check out hambleton.gov.uk

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