The new book ‘Rent 2 Rent Success, our ethical 6-step system to get you started in property without buying it’ from sisters Stephanie and Nicky Taylor is published this week.

The book speaks directly to anyone who has ever dreamt about getting started in property but is worried they don’t have enough money, time or experience.

Stephenie and Nicky were there too. These dynamic sisters were working too hard, for too many hours. They wanted the time, freedom and options that property seemed to provide others, but they didn’t know how to start and couldn’t see anyone like them doing it.

Since then, they have gone from financial uncertainty to building their own multi-million pound portfolio and creating an award-winning property business, HMO Heaven.

Their unique Rent 2 Rent Success System is designed to enable readers to get started in property in a simple, ethical and low-risk way with little capital outlay.

Their proven system has been used by hundreds of people across the country and has featured in publications, such as Entrepreneur magazine, The Telegraph and Property Investor Today.

This book will:

  • Guide you right through the whole process, from getting into the right mindset to get started through to building and scaling up your portfolio
  • Reveal the six key areas you need to get right for rent-to-rent success
  • Share a proven, practical system that gets results, removes the stress and ensures you avoid expensive newcomer’s mistakes

If you’re ready to become a property gamechanger, this book will help you get started on your property journey.

The book is available from Amazon and all good book sellers from 1st Feb 2021.

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About Rent 2 Rent Success

Stephanie and Nicky Taylor are the founders of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success. The sisters launched Rent 2 Rent Success to help professionals who want to get involved in property, but feel stuck as they’re worried they don’t have enough time, money or knowledge to get stared.

Through their inspirational Rent 2 Rent Success YouTube channel, podcast and website, Stephanie and Nicky debunk the myth that you need large sums of money to get started in property.