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Review of Jewellery Fashion Trends in 2021

ByDave Stopher

Nov 20, 2021

For 2021, the world’s finest jewellers are shaking off the dust of the last year and presenting us with fine jewellery that breaks all the molds and is completely unique and individual.  

When it comes to choosing the right jewellery to wear with your outfit, we like to stick to three simple rules:  

  1. If you go for one big, statement piece of jewellery, make sure the rest of it is simple to allow your piece to stand out. When creating your own fine jewellery collection, ensure you mix and match the statement and the simple – a combination of the two keeps things looking effortlessly stylish.  
  2. Go for the vice-versa rule: if your clothes are bright and beautiful, go for more simple pieces of jewellery. Or if you’re letting your jewellery speak for itself by wearing a monochrome or low-key outfit, then go wild with extravagant earrings, necklaces or bracelets.  
  3. Think about the temperature… no, not outside! If your clothes are warm summery or autumnal colours, go for gold. If you’re going for a more wintery palette, silver or platinum is ideal.  

Although last year’s trend for heavy metal is not going anywhere, the fashion for delicate jewellery with precious stones and pearls is gradually growing. Pearls are having a major comeback – the organic nature of asymmetric, non-standard forms of pearls is what everyone is after nowadays. Their imperfections are what gives them truly natural beauty.  

Let’s look at each type of jewellery in more detail to understand what will be on trend for the rest of this year. 

Fine Jewellery for Hands

This group of accessories incorporates bracelets and rings, and this year a big trend is pearls, shells, and gems. We’re stepping away from the plain and into a whole new world of opulence and decadence.  

When coming to rings, simplistic metal geometric designs will always be popular for their mainstream appeal. However, for the more discerning jewellery fan, complex designs studded with precious gems are where it’s at. For example, fine British designer jewellery, like Sybarite Jewellery creates, can seriously update one’s evening-dress looks. 

Jewellery for the Neck

Chains, pendants, and other accessories can emphatically stress the neck area and change up regular and evening-gown-style clothing. Decadent, exquisite, flimsy, or truly enormous – everything goes this year.  

The more of them, the merrier, say modern fine jewellery professionals. The most relevant option this year is laconic chains with pendants. Fashion critics advise combining several chains of different lengths and diameters with necklaces or pearl threads. 

Huge pieces of jewellery with discreet gemstones are an awesome alternative for evening-gown-style parties. A more moderate alternative is to supplant jewels with cubic zirconia or Swarovski precious stones.  

In 2021, there are no unmistakable guidelines in the determination of adornments for the neck, make your own blend of styles. In one troupe you can blend adornments made of gold, silver, and gems. Grit style can be weakened with a choice of a pendant from a fine jewellery collection or a large necklace with a scattering of colourful precious stones. 

Earrings – the Main Accessory for Women This Year

Here are the models of earrings that you should get this season: 

  • Odd earrings, asymmetrical shape. 
  • Ear cuffs; 
  • Large earrings 

Odd earrings are a hit, be sure to consider such fine jewellery to keep up with modern trends. Such pairs differ in asymmetry, one earring of nails, and another is extremely long.  

Also, the length can be up to the collarbone. Another variety is a pusset hoop and an enormous Congo stud. Pick a couple of valuable metals.  

Large and massive earrings. A must-have for 2021 – long earrings, more than 10 cm (about 4 inches). If long models do not fit the type of appearance, look at the huge earrings Congo or brushes. 

 Of course, overly grand earrings from fine jewellery collections fit this concept well too. 

Stay on Top of the Latest Fashion Trends

Considering this market’s estimated growth is up to 3 trillion dollars by the end of the decade – fashion will start changing even faster. So, constantly owning and wearing the most fashionable accessories and clothes is and most definitely will continue to be quite tricky. Nonetheless, with our advice, you will be able to easily look trendy in the year 2021.