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Salah threatens Liverpool


Aug 5, 2022

Egyptian player Mohamed Salah still has one more year on his contract with the English club, but he has not yet renewed his contract, which he was expected to do this season. He is very comfortable in England but wants to earn more, so his destination would not be outside the British Isle. 

This would be a big blow for Liverpool, who will have to work hard to keep the Egyptian in the team.  

Liverpool has already lost Mane and can’t afford to let Salah go. Even so, they will be a very competitive team, so it’s a good option to use this sports betting promo code to bet on the best sites with the highest odds. 

Why is he leaving? 

The reason is simple: he wants a bigger contract. At the moment he is receiving 12 million euros a year, and he wants more, because he knows that his age would not allow another team to sign him with a high salary, and this means security for him. 

The club and his agents have not been able to come to an agreement, and this has led to the Egyptian telling them that if there is no substantial improvement in his salary, he will leave the club. 

For the team it is a big blow because he is one of Liverpool’s best players, his goal-scoring average is very high and there is no one who can score so many goals per season, they know that they have in their ranks one of the best players in the world, and they cannot let him go. 

The team’s main concern is his age. At 29, he is already an old player by Premier League standards, but with Salah’s discipline, it wouldn’t be surprising if he could play another three or four years at the highest level. 

In six months’ time, he can negotiate with whoever he wants, which the club doesn’t like at all because the offers could come flooding in, and it could worsen a negotiation that is stuck at the moment but may have a solution. 

They don’t want it to be a case like Pogba, who has already announced that he is leaving United for free, and they don’t want to create a strange atmosphere in the dressing room of Klopp’s team.  

Salah has been saying for a year that he deserves an improvement in his contract, and on the pitch he proves it, he scores a lot of goals and is decisive in the game, besides he has the support of Jürgen Klopp who, according to several media reports, asked the board to solve this situation, because they cannot afford to have a dissatisfied player. 

The loss of Mane would free up space on the payroll and the Egyptian’s salary could be improved, but perhaps not to the levels, he is asking for. A 20% increase in his wages as he believes he is one of the best in the English league and should be one of the highest-paid, perhaps second only to Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Where would he go? 

Here is another problem for Liverpool. He does not want to move from England and would be negotiating with a direct rival of the team.  

There are only a couple of teams that could sign him, Manchester United and Chelsea. With the Blues he would be returning to try to prove they were wrong to let him go, he would get the wages he wants, but he would be fighting for a place with Romelu Lukaku. 

At Manchester United, he would not be the best paid, but he would get his raise, he would arrive at a team in reconstruction, and maybe he would still play with CR7, something that appeals to him, as he would consider that he can contribute a lot. 

City is not in the bidding, because they already have Haaland, and Arsenal couldn’t afford him. Either way, Liverpool has to stop him from going to their bitter rivals, so they have 1 year to convince him to stay. Will he renew?


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