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Samsung Announces New SmartThings App Updates and Compatible Devices to Bring the Connected Home to More Than Ever Before

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is pleased to announce some of the key updates new to the SmartThings platform for 2019. Along with changes to the SmartThings App allowing for increased functionality and an easier user-interface, Samsung is excited to announce the launch of their new Smart Plug and a range of new compatible third-party devices to open the Connected Home to more users than ever before.

Speaking about these updates, Director of Connected Living for Samsung (UK) Ltd, Teg Dosanjh said, “Our vision is to provide more value to consumers, by enabling connections between Samsung and third party products, creating experiences that make their lives simpler, safer and a little more playful. These updates bring us a step closer to realizing that vision.”

SmartThings 2019 App Updates

The 2019 SmartThings App has been updated and is better than ever before, with a host of key updates ranging from user-interface changes, to major functionality changes including:

  • Device Cards – there is an updated and improved range of available device cards on the home screen, which allows consumers to control their devices conveniently from the home screen
  • Lighting Groups – one of the biggest updates in response to consumer demands is the addition of lighting groups, allowing consumers to group lights into a single device card and turn lights on, off, or dim lights with a single tap
  • Greater Options for Custom Automations – users can now set automations to run once per day, for example enabling the app to turn your coffee maker on when motion is first detected in the morning
  • Easier Device Setup – during the setup process, users will be able to check network compatibility and signal strength for improved functionality when using the app

Smart Plug

On the 5th of August the new SmartThings Smart Plug launched, giving consumers the ability to connect their non-connected products. With the Smart Plug consumers can plug in their devices to monitor, control and schedule them from their phone with ease.

The new Smart Plug comes with a range of functions allowing greater user control when turning products on and off. Users can also monitor power usage through the SmartThings app to enable more energy-efficient decision making. Additionally, Smart Plugs can be timed or automated to work around consumers lives and daily schedules and controlled remotely. For example, users can program Smart Plugs to switch on their coffee maker ahead of when they wake up, or turn off appliances accidentally left on when away from the house.

The Smart Plug adds a new level of control to your home devices. Consumers can use the SmartThings app on their phone or Samsung TV, or with their voice using Bixby, Alexa or Google to interact with their devices, because SmartThings works with them all. The new Smart Plug also uses Zigbee repeater technology which expands and strengthens home Zigbee networks, so signals stay strong between devices within the home network.

Available at an RRP of £29.99

Ring Video Doorbell Compatibility

The SmartThings offering has been expanded to include more products from Ring, with two of the best-selling products, the Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 2 devices now compatible with the SmartThings app. These models work to provide instant alerts direct to a user’s phone when visitors press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. In addition to this, users can talk to visitors and answer the door all from the app. Ring Doorbells are also compatible with the 2019 Samsung QLED range allowing users to see who is at the door on their TV, without having to get of the sofa, adding another layer of convenience within the connected home.

The SmartThings platform is already compatible with the Ring Doorbell Pro, Doorbell Elite, Spotlight and Floodlight so the addition of these new products expands the already broad selection of SmartThings compatible devices available to customers.

Netatmo Thermostat Compatibility

Finally, another new offering for 2019 is the certification of compatibility between Samsung’s SmartThings and the Netatmo Smart Thermostat. This Smart Thermostat allows users to control heating via their smartphone from across the world all through the SmartThings app. Users can create heating schedules based on personal habits and lifestyle preferences, allowing easier monitoring of energy consumption and temperature control.

All new 2019 SmartThings updates and third-party integrations reinforce the openness and accessibility of the Samsung SmartThings platform, giving users more choice and functionality than other platforms.