On the back of releasing their new single, More Than I Can Give, Tyneside electro-synth rock trio, Sapien Trace, head to The Globe in Newcastle’s City Centre to headline the mid-March, Musicians Against Homelessness event.

Alongside three other acts –AXLS, Holy Braille, and Floral Detectives, it is a fundraiser which is close to the heart of Sapien Trace lead vocalist, Mark Dickinson, with his fellow band-mates, Alex Brand and Dan Baldwin, also having an input.

“It’s the first time I’ve organised anything of this scale,” began Sapien’s lead vocalist.

“However, the cause itself is something quite close to my heart because, as a teacher by trade, I’ve seen quite a few learners that have been in this (homeless) position.”

Sapien’s electro style music is a theme which runs through the night, the other acts chosen for their similar, yet differing styles, to add an eclectic, harmonic mix to the evening.

Holy Braille are said to be a darkweave-electronic duo from Sunderland who are nearing their third year anniversary and recently released their latest single, Murder She Spoke, vocalist Steph Mac telling NE Volume that she “wanted to freak people out.”

As well as the Sunderland duo there’s a Newcastle-based trio in AXLS, another female-fronted act who released their debut album, First Contact, at the turn of the year with Victoria, Chris and Conrad bizarrely adding to an early Sapien Trace description.

Having been described as something akin to ‘sci-fi rock’ themselves, the addition of AXLS sees their new album bringing forth an extra-terrestrial feel, their concept album said to be an exploration of encountering other, alien life forms.

So, before this gets a little weird, and all Star Trek, how about some Floral Detectives as well; they’re a punk rock/country folk quartet made up of Calum, Bri, Tom and Conor, and they have an EP available entitled Like It Loud.

“As well this being for charity, it’s good for us to be able to keep in with the other bands, not just these but across the region,” explained Mark.

“The evening is mainly your electronica, folk-punk sounds, and ourselves, so we wanted to be able to reflect the diverse range of music there is in the region.

“With there being a cross-range of music on offer that works really well for ourselves and we like the sound, the music, in which the other acts produce and wanted to work with them at some point anyway.”

The Musicians Against Homelessness event feat. Sapien Trace, AXLS, Holy Braille and Floral Detectives takes place at The Globe, Railway Street, Newcastle, on Friday 13 March 2020. Visit the event page for updates https://www.facebook.com/events/622320578573294/ with a pay-on-the-door, minimum £5 donation entry.