Newcastle City Council is launching consultation on its draft Development and Allocations Plan to help meet the city’s needs for new homes and jobs through to 2030, subject to approval at its September Cabinet meeting.

The Development and Allocations Plan (DAP) is Part 2 of Local Plan which will help guide future development in Newcastle to 2030, and supports strategic policies set out in the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan, Part 1 of the Local Plan which was adopted in March 2015.

Part 2 will provide more detailed policies that will be used to help make decisions on planning applications, and sets out allocations of housing and employment sites to support Part 1, and includes designations such as retail centre boundaries and sites for environmental protection.

Cllr Ged Bell, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth said: “This next stage of the Local Plan is vitally important for Newcastle as it will help guide the decision making progress for planning applications, and allocated areas of land required for employment and housing needed now and for future generations.

“Newcastle is thriving and our population continues to grow, so it is essential we balance the needs of all our residents in terms of that growing population alongside people living longer, and more families moving into the area.

“We are committed to doing all we can to make Newcastle a great place to live, work and enjoy, and this plan is about providing the right development in the right places at the right time.”

This next stage of the Local Plan provides the details needed to support the spatial vision, strategic objectives and scale of growth in the Core Strategy. Together both plans will provide strategic and detailed planning policies which will help manage development across the city. This draft Plan does not include a review of Green Belt boundaries and no new allocations are proposed within the Green Belt.

Cllr Bell added: “We are ambitious for Newcastle’s future and we need to ensure that all our communities are supported by adequate services, facilities and infrastructure including housing, education, transport and access to employment opportunities.

“Our focus has always been on prioritising and bringing forward development on brownfield sites, and preserving valued Green Belt land, and we remain committed to this.

“Having these new policies in place ensures the vital economic success of Newcastle by optimising the opportunities for new housing and economic prosperity that benefits everyone, whilst building communities for the future.

“It’s also important to have clear policies in place to provide clarity and certainty to potential developers and to encourage investment into the city, which sends a strong message that Newcastle has ambitious growth plans and is open for business.

“This initial round of consultation offers local communities the opportunity to have their say about what happens in their neighbourhood, and I encourage residents to share their views and help shape the future of Newcastle.”

The council’s Cabinet will discuss the draft Development and Allocations Plan and planned consultation at its Cabinet meeting on Monday 18 September 2017.

Consultation on the Plan with run for six weeks from 9 October to 20 November 2017.

Further information is available at

A series of drop in events are planned in areas across the city, with experts and specialists on hand to provide support and answer questions.

Exhibitions and displays will be in community hubs across the city where people can have their say.

You can also find paper copies of the Draft Development and Allocations Plan to view at the City Library as well as the Outer West Customer Service Centre in Denton, and the East End Pool and Library in Byker.

Comments should be made online through the council’s consultation portal at

Hard copies of the consultation survey can be posted to: Newcastle City Council, Planning Policy, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH