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Scratch & Reveal

ByDave Stopher

Oct 9, 2018


Do you remember being 21? Can you remember what you did to celebrate your 21st? Well this fabulous 21 at 21 Scratch It Poster gives the lucky birthday recipient a gift of twenty-one fun things to do. This fun scratch off poster contains 21 challenges, all they must do is simply scratch a section off and complete the task it reveals. They don’t have to complete them all at once, they can tackle them whenever they want throughout the next 12 months. With things such as ‘group holiday with friends’ to ‘win at beer pong’ and even a ‘food fight’ this cool poster will ensure their 21st year will be an entertaining, possibly mischievous, but certainly a memorable one!

The Scratch & Reveal 21 Poster costs £12.99 from Find Me A Gift

This 30 at 30 Scratch It Poster makes a great gift for a friend or family member who’s turning the big 3-0. Scratch off the surface of the numerals to reveal 30 things to do when you’re 30, some practical and others humorous.

Turning 30 is a big milestone birthday and can get people thinking about their individual bucket list and all the things they want to achieve in life. This handy poster has 30 funny statements which are revealed as the poster is scratched off. The poster will look great on any wall in the house or office.

The Scratch & Reveal 30 Poster costs £12.99 from Find Me A Gift

Do you know someone who’s turning 40? This funky poster makes a terrific 40th birthday present. This 40 at 40 Scratch It poster has a special coating which can be scratched off to reveal 40 wise and funny goals, observations and suggestions. The poster includes hidden messages such as “Take Up An Expensive Hobby” and “Accidentally Be Back In Fashion”. Sure to raise a laugh or two, this poster may even help to create a bucket list for the recipient.

The Scratch & Reveal 40 Poster costs £12.99 from Find Me A Gift

If you’re looking for a poster that’s a bit different then this 50 Ways to Lay Scratch It Poster could be just the thing you’re looking for. This fun and funky poster has 50 sections to scratch off, each with the name of a different sex position, some familiar, some perhaps less familiar. Choose from such classics as ‘The Standing Wheel Barrow’, ‘Crouching Tiger’ and ‘The Ascent to Desire’, and simply scratch off the special coating to reveal an illustration of the position.

Fun for couples, you could scratch off a different section each day, or if you’re feeling particularly active and amorous, you could scratch them all off in one go and try them all!

The Scratch & Reveal 50 Ways to Lay Poster costs £12.99 from Find Me A Gift