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Security Doesn’t Have to Cost You

ByDave Stopher

Jan 13, 2017

When you take your security seriously, you understand that buying a camera or installing a lock is not the only way to keep your business safe. There are things you can do like talking to your neighbours, educating yourself, or even rearranging furniture that can significantly boost your security. These are 5 of the best things you can do to improve your odds against theft!

  • Stay connected to your community. People in your community can keep you informed of local crime. You will be able to find out what sort of crimes are happening and so be in a better position to prevent them from happening to you. Having a business disconnected from the community will only keep you in the dark.
  • Connect with your local police department. Ask them to come to your business and examine your security measures. When you befriend local police departments, it’s amazing how many more times they will drive past your place of work. Talk with them about any security recommendations they may have and how they suggest you implement them.
  • Control access to in-house security systems and measures. Sadly, many employees are either the cause of theft or in some way to blame in the response to missing property. Sometimes, employees feel that they can get away with theft or may talk about security holes to others who are looking to exploit them. Even the security of the most advanced office safe can be undermined when too much information is left available to too many people. Control access, keys and codes and you will minimise the possibility of employee theft.
  • Keep as little money at the business as possible. Making multiple trips to the bank during the day is one of the best security decisions you could make. If you do have a break-in, the loss will be minimal. If you have the need to keep large sums of money onsite, purchase and properly install a quality office safe. You can find office safes for every need, but they do need to be installed permanently and securely.
  • Put the register in plain view of the window. Being in open plain sight will deter criminals from wanting to break in. These characters like to perform criminal acts in well-concealed locations. If a theft must be conducted in clear view of members of staff or members of the general public, there is far less likelihood of it coming to pass. In the evenings, be sure to leave the empty register open so criminals can see they have no reason to break in.

Most of these easy suggestions have been made by business owners, police authorities and insurance companies. Don’t only secure your business: help your community by getting them serious about security. Once the criminals get wind that the odds of getting a pay day have diminished, they will move on to a different target.