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Seven in the running to be the next Member of Youth Parliament

A TOTAL of seven students passionate about their community from across Redcar and Cleveland have put their names forward to represent their borough in the UK Youth Parliament.

Polling day takes place on Wednesday 22 February to elect the borough’s Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP) and seven secondary school pupils have launched their campaigns.

Joseph Keegans, 15, Ashley Stone, 14, Eve Kennedy, 14, Ellie Mae Travill, 14, Tom Cleasby, 12, Kellen Joseph Hadfield, 14, and 15-year-old Ethan Haw will all be campaigning for votes before election day.

The candidate with the most votes will become the MYP for a two-year term with the runner-up becoming the DMYP.

More than 4,500 pupils are expected to cast their ballots in the election as six secondary schools have agreed to take part on polling day.

After the election the new MYP will be responsible for finding out the concerns of other young people in Redcar and Cleveland and represent these views to key decision makers on a local and national level.

Cllr Christopher Massey, Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “To see that seven young people have put themselves forward as Redcar and Cleveland’s Member of Youth Parliament is very pleasing.

“I am confident that whoever gets elected will carry on the good work of outgoing MYP Timothy Would and continue to represent the young people of Redcar and Cleveland at both local and national levels.”

Voting will take place on 22 February in schools across the borough, with the count taking place the day after, Thursday 23 February, at the 25K Youth Centre on Ayton Drive in Redcar.

To find out more about the role of an MYP, go to

Find out more about each candidate:

Joseph Keegans, 15, who goes to Huntcliff School

“I try my hardest at work and I’m not afraid to speak on behalf of what’s right. I will try and listen as soon as possible and act as quick as possible.”

Ashley Stone, 14, who goes to Freebrough Academy

“As a passionate resident of East Cleveland, I truly believe that the views and opinions of all young people in Redcar and Cleveland should be represented in the Youth Parliament the way they deserve to be: fairly, thoughtfully and powerfully.”

Eve Kennedy, 14, who goes to Freebrough Academy

“I think that I could bring a voice for young voters to prove just because we’re young it doesn’t mean we don’t have views and opinions on how this country is run.”

Ellie Mae Travill, 14, who goes to Freebrough Academy

“I feel as though I would be a good candidate for the role of MYP for my local area as I have different views on political issues brought up by parliament. I also feel as though the younger generation don’t have the chance to have a say in the way this country is run.”

Tom Cleasby, 12, who goes to Huntcliff

“I want the opportunity to improve Redcar and Cleveland for young people and make the place where we live somewhere that caters for the needs of the youth. Our environment is important and we can work together to create a vibrant, safe and inclusive area.”

Kellen Joseph Hadfield, 14, who goes to Laurence Jackson

“Being the MYP for Redcar and Cleveland would give me an effective platform to communicate the views and concerns of young people in the area. Views that I would openly seek out from people all over our local area.”

Ethan Haw, 15, who goes to Rye Hills

“The main reason I want to become the MYP for this area is to help give people who don’t have a voice against something the ability to talk to someone who can. My main aim is to improve people’s lives even if that means doing something small.”

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