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Shadows – A Bright New Author


Dec 11, 2021

Oluseyi Adegun is an author who is fast gaining traction in the world of literature. From business advice books to poetry his talents are being displayed in the competitive world.

Here, avid reader Scott Lane, reviews his latest release of short stories, Shadows – A Collection of Stories.

“I love to pick up a book by a new author I haven’t read before as there are no preconceptions, no bias, and no idea of what the book is likely to contain. It is a bit of an adventure.

“Well, this adventure was very rewarding. Shadows – A Collection of Stories is unique in its own display of talent. The three stories, in the author’s words, chronicle the dark, hidden parts of human nature.

“Dark Vengeance is a thriller with a twist. Full of graphic detail, you find that you side with the main character, even though you know she plans to do wrong but after what she has gone through, it seems her right. The conclusion of the tale brings an ending not expected and that is more than slightly shocking. I don’t want to say much more and spoil the story.

“If you like impactful, vivid writing, then this is for you!

“The Turnaround is a story of life where someone who is viewed as not worthy, succeeds, much to the despair of an individual. Within the tale I found messages of human character winning out, succeeding against or perhaps because of, the odds. It changed the way I look at certain characters in life, due to the alter perspective of hearing the other voice. Very much worth reading and reflecting upon – your response will probably surprise you.

“The final story, Nonso, focuses on how to make sense of life at large. Centred in Nigeria, it is a colourful tale of a bus journey. In an email to his brother you learn about the main characters challenges, and how he goes onto to view and judge the people on his journey and their behaviour. Steeped in detail and geographical references, it is a story that takes you to another man’s world and all the glory that comes with it.

“An entertaining trio of stories, well written and full of relatable content. True to life, but with a pull into the fantastical, mixing literature and almost living characters into its pages. You truly focus on how these scenarios fit into your own reality and look at the shadows of your own and your loved ones personalities. It may well change your perspective forever.

“Well worth a read and it will take its place in my bookshelf until I feel the urge to revisit it for a second read – which I imagine will not be too far in the future.”

Available on Amazon as Kindle download and paperback.

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