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Shmee150 goes ‘supersonic’ as he purchases a Zenvo TSR-S as his first hypercar

ByDave Stopher

Dec 20, 2021
  • Zenvo Automotive can confirm that world renowned YouTuber and car collector Tim Burton has ordered a brand-new Zenvo TSR-S
  • The first hypercar in his collection, Tim will take delivery of his bespoke TSR-S in 2022, which he has already started specifying
  • Otherwise known as Shmee150, Tim boasts a collection of supercars and specialist cars, all housed within his recently launched Shmuseum in the UK
  • The first hypercar to visit the Shmuseum, fans of the Shmee150 channel will know that Tim was very impressed with the TSR-S as he coined the phrase ‘supersonic’ with regards to the Zenvo’s in-house gearbox change
  • Boasting impressive manufacturing facilities and a configuration room, Zenvo hosted Tim and his team at its HQ in Præstø in October 2021
  • Zenvo Automotive’s global expansion plan continues to develop with both UK and EU dealers established, as well as plans to expand to the North American market
  • Fans of the brand can spec their very own TSR-S using the online configurator at: configurator.zenvoautomotive.com/ and share using #MyZenvo
  • Watch the first Road to Zenvo instalment here: youtu.be/vI3R6Fj54IA

Denmark, 1 November 2021: Zenvo Automotive can confirm that Tim Burton, globally recognised automotive and lifestyle YouTuber and Shmee150 founder, has purchased a Zenvo TSR-S. With a collection of over 20 supercars and specialist cars within his ever-growing Shmuseum collection, the TSR-S will become Tim’s first hypercar. The specification, build process, 2022 delivery and unveil will be posted to his 2.3 million + and growing Shmee150 subscribers.

The Zenvo TSR-S is arguably known as one of the most talked about hypercars of its type on the market. Developed, engineered and hand built in Præstø, Denmark, Zenvo’s in-house team is responsible for all elements of the car from the carbon fibre body and optional carbon fibre wheels to the engine and gearbox and even the paint, interior and ECU and electrical components. With 1,177 bhp, and a top speed electronically limited to 325 km/h, the TSR-S is a stunning model of how expert engineering and design technologies can work together harmoniously to create an enjoyable driving experience. Its in-house developed 5.8-litre twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 engine and full carbon body that helps keep its weight at 1,495 kg, is a clear example.

Tim Burton, otherwise known as Shmee150, drove the TSR-S on his YouTube channel earlier in the year and following the experience went to visit the team in Præstø, Denmark to visit the factory, see how the TSR-S bespoke builds are made, and to purchase and specify his own brand-new Zenvo TSR-S.

Fans of both Zenvo and Shmee150 will be able to view the entire ordering, specification, build and delivery/unveil on both brands’ channels in the lead up to delivery next year (2022). With production limited to five cars per year and with each TSR-S built from the ground up, each model is estimated to take 12-18 months to build from placing the order. In that time Zenvo invites customers to be as hands-on with each gateway of the build, of which Tim Burton and his team has expressed an interest to be there every step of the way.

Tim Burton, who founded his YouTube channel back in 2006, and since then has grown to over 2.3+ million subscribers, with other social channels estimated to reach a combined 10 million car enthusiasts around the world. Commenting on the purchase, Tim Burton said: “After seeing the Zenvo TSR-S on a number of different occasions, it was a fantastic opportunity to have it in the Shmuseum for one of my videos. The figures for this car are nothing short of spectacular, with 1,177 bhp, this car is close to supersonic. To say I’m excited about adding my bespoke TSR-S to the Shmuseum is an understatement, I cannot wait to share all the details of this magnificent hypercar as it goes through each build process with everyone on my YouTube channels.”

Angela Hartman, CEO of Zenvo Automotive said: “It’s very exciting to announce Tim as the latest owner of the TSR-S. Sharing news of any customer purchases is something we don’t really do, due to the private nature of our clients. However, we are very much looking forward to showing both Shmee150’s followers and Zenvo fans the full ordering process; from interior and exterior design selection, to the final handover. Car enthusiasts around the world will be able to see the level of craftsmanship and detail that goes into every single vehicle we build. It shows a peek behind the curtain at our headquarters in Denmark that very few get the chance to see.”

As Zenvo Automotive’s global expansion plan continues to grow, with both its UK dealer; Centurian Automotive and its European dealer; the MOHR GROUP, both of which were enrolled earlier this year. After a successful summer events season in the UK and EU, Zenvo Automotive continues with its expansion in Europe, looking to North America for its next steps. With one of the largest social media followings globally, Shmee150’s journey with his bespoke TSR-S will further enable Zenvo Automotive in targeting the market in the United States of America and further afield.

Following its European events tour, starting at the IAA Mobility conference in Munich, Zenvo Automotive will showcase its vehicles at events in North America before the end of 2021. News on which events Zenvo will be attending in Europe and the United States of America will be announced in the coming months.

For fans wishing to design their own TSR-S, Zenvo Automotive launched its online TSR-S configurator to the public in July this year, allowing car enthusiasts around the world to create their ideal version of the brand’s twin-supercharged, full carbon fibre bodied hypercar: configurator.zenvoautomotive.com and are invited to share their examples using #MyZenvo.