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Smart business promotion hacks for small businesses

Businesses need more than advertising and public relations to survive! Business and brand promotion help a brand to create increased brand recall value. Today, the 21st century business domain is becoming competitive with new brands walking into the business sphere. No newly launched brand wants their existing and potential customers to forget them. With the flurry of brands and their unique promotion tactics, if companies don’t improve their promotion game, they might get overlooked. Hence, the brands are raising their marketing and business promotion game by implementing smart and creative tactics such as online logo maker tool. It is more so with the start-up and small business firms.

However, since the start-ups and small business firms have restricted capital during the initial phases, they need to carefully plan their promotion tactics. Is yours a small start-up business? If yes, you can opt-in for the following business promotion tactics:

  1. Arrange for social media contests

Today, social giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests are a potent tool for start-up company owners. Your customers regularly visit their social media profiles and stay clued to the exciting content posted by their best brands. Marketers and start-up business owners know that social media contests work. It’s a simple, easy, and fun way of getting connected with customers and encouraging more fans and online visitors to browse your brand. Statistics show that an easy Facebook or Instagram contest can generate as much as 34% new followers on each promotion campaign. That is a considerable amount considering the organic reach of both these social media platforms.

Additionally, if you use Indian SMM Panel  , it can provide your customers with a unique chance to be the first fan/follower to experience your service/product first hand for free. You can market this giveaway on all the social media channels and also send emails about it. An Instagram giveaway always to gain increased direct traffic. With this, you can place your business right in front of the new consumers. When customers interact with your brand directly, you can have loyal customers.

Also, it is essential to think about the giveaways! Freebies should be exciting and attractive. Your customers should love to possess it. You can use your brand products and also add another item that will induce a feel-good factor. Since most social media users comprise of the youth, start-up businesses usually consider using accessories like a bandana as a part of the freebie.

Bandanas are cool and trendy! It lets your customers know that you are trying to connect with them in their way. If you want, you can customize the bandana by adding your brand colors and incorporating the brand logo as well. Different brands customize their branded bandana’s in unique ways to connect with their customers. If the target customer group involves youth and adults, you need to choose a design template that addresses their choice and preferences. The expert service providers today can cater to your requirements. To know more about this, you can check out 4inbandana.

  1. Email marketing

Even though a few marketers think that email marketing is a matter of the past, it still works! According to statistics and research, 82% of the customers open their emails for business purposes. Also, close to 44% of email recipients make a few purchases annually based on a promotional email. Hence, email marketing through newsletters is a smart option for brand promotion. It is also cost-effective as compared to magazines, electronic media, and billboard advertisements.

Furthermore, the email newsletter lets you share the news about your products and photos with the consumers. And from there, you can provide an exclusive promotion and discount as a smart way to seal your deal. It will improve cash-flow. You can also browse through the internet and research on the newsletter topic ideas to frame your newsletters accordingly.

  1. Opt-in for branded lanyards

It might seem like an in-house brand promotion tactic, but it helps in subtle brand promotion. Small business owners can provide their employees with branded lanyards, which can be used to attach pen-drives and ID cards. It will help them to keep these two items handy and not misplace it. Most employees are prone to lose their ID cards and pen-drives while traveling for work. Alternatively, you can also provide branded lanyard to other corporates and media partners during a press conference, product launch, seminar, or as you take part in a trade fair. It will help others to know about your brand. You can also print your company website strategically on the lanyard so that people can visit your site if they want to.  You can customize the lanyards depending on the event and proposed use.

  1. Resort to in-store promotions

The small business firms that operate through brick and mortar buildings can use in-store promotions. It is a smart way to make the customers aware of your existing and upcoming products. However, before that, you need to ensure that your store gets a steady and favorable footfall. You can work at it and create attractive sales events so that more customers visit your store and get to notice the beautiful product and item displays.

You can have much more than uniquely designed signage and logos. Take time to think about how creatively you can display your product to have an aesthetic and visual appeal. Today, customers love to click pictures of attractive product displays and write about it in their social media, even if they don’t make a purchase. Encourage such word of mouth publicity through beautiful and creative in-store promotions.

Make sure you offer the buy-one-get-one-free offers and discounts. Exclusive store-discounts are essential for your customers to visit your store and talk about it. Make some of your best products available at a discounted price for selected hours. It will increase both footfall and sales. When you emphasize that a good deal won’t last forever, you surely can make good profits. A sense of urgency without being sales-y always brings good results.

Brand promotion is a smart technique for small and start-up businesses to ensure constant brand visibility. That, in turn, leads to increased organic traffic, product purchases, and more profits.

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