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Smart Toothbrush is Child’s Play

ByDave Stopher

Mar 14, 2020 #App, #health

For many busy working parents your child’s oral health is something you may be guilty of not paying as much attention to as you’d like. Whether  you’re getting them out the door for school or ready for bed, 2 minutes is all it takes. Although children lose their first teeth, establishing a solid dental structure into your child’s routine as early as possible will ensure this pattern continues as your children’s permanent teeth begin to emerge.

With this in mind, don’t make brushing teeth a chore, it is essential to brush for 2 minutes twice daily especially after your children eat sticky or sugary foods. So make it fun, we recommend letting children choose their toothbrush and flavour of toothpaste. This way the thought of brushing those teeth seems instantly more appealing.

Always remember when it comes you encouraging your children to brush their teeth they are much more visually stimulated, making the PlayBrush Smart a fantastic solution. The manual toothbrush attachment which connects to a number of games via the PlayBrush app. For many parents it’s the answer they have been looking for!  Offering 4 free interactive games (more features available via an additional optional subscription) to motivate your children into brushing there teeth for longer and all around there mouth. The brushing coach with audio instructions measures the exact position, duration and regularity of each session to provide instant feedback and statistics, all while dancing your way to tooth brushing stardom in ‘Utoothia Dance’ or releasing your inner artist in ‘Utoothia Paint’  it’s the perfect incentive to keep increasing those numbers and getting better at brushing those teeth.

To reward your child when they stick to their dental routine try to avoid those sugary treats and swap it for an alternative such as a fruit slice or a gold star which can accumulate into a bigger reward over a longer period of time.

The PlayBrush Smart is available to buy online for £19.99 from Playbrush.