• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

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‘Sobering’ survey reveals North East business leaders don’t have enough support

Ian Kinnery headshots-9 (landscape) smlBusiness coach Ian Kinnery

NORTH East business leaders have been urged to take proactive steps to protect their mental health after many insisted there isn’t enough support on offer for the region’s entrepreneurs.

Over 100 leaders participated in a new survey, which offers unprecedented insight into the mental health of those at the helm of some of the region’s most successful organisations.

Many admitted to struggling with loneliness, stress and anxiety. And over 63 per cent of those polled felt that there wasn’t enough support available.

The survey was carried out by leading business coach Ian Kinnery. He said that while the results were “sobering”, help is at hand.

“The fact that the majority of respondents feel there’s not enough support should be a real wake-up call,” he said.

“However, the best way of getting out of a hole is to not fall in it to begin with, and nipping any problems in the bud early on is always the best approach.

“And this is where coaching can make a major difference in helping to tackle things like stress, anxiety and your overall wellbeing.”

“Some business leaders turn to coaching as a hand to hold when problems arise, but it has the greatest impact when it guides you from the onset – and steers you away from any potential problems that could lead you down dark paths.”

The survey also revealed that coaching was already being widely utilised by the region’s business leaders.

Almost 40 per cent of those polled have turned to coaching to guide them through hard times at work.

And there are fewer bigger proponents of coaching than Ian, who turned to it after his own mental health struggles.

Despite a successful career, he once tried ending his own life. Having thankfully failed, he sought professional support before becoming one of Europe’s leading business coaches.

Having offered both mentoring and scaling-up advice to scores of business owners, he said coaching can help businesses flourish – and also help steer entrepreneurs’ away from potential pitfalls that can undo years of hard work.

“Coaching can grow your business, but it is so much more than that,” added Ian, who was previously named European Coach of the Year.

“It is about having someone on-hand to share the highs and lows that running a business can bring.

“And as a coach, you are there not only as a mentor and guide, but also as a friend and the emotional crutch that is so often needed at the very top.

“The results can be lifechanging, and the fact that most people polled identified it as valuable support, shows just how impactful it can be.”

The survey was launched as part of Ian’s current campaign, ‘Save the Entrepreneur’, which aims to raise awareness of the often-hidden mental health issues faced by business leaders.

It will also help shape a bespoke mental health package aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs.

For more information on Kinnery, please visit www.kinnery.co.uk