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Special maths day adds up for students

THE figures added up for Year 7 students after coming off timetable for the day to study the niceties of numbers.

In a fun approach to mathematics, hundreds of students took part in a series of workshops ranging from balancing toy penguins on an iceberg to building a cane tower.

The annual number crunch is designed to show Year 7s the relevance of maths to real life and make an often difficult subject more fun and engaging.

Head of mathematics Scott Lunn said: “In lessons you tend to be bound by the curriculum. The maths day is a more innovative approach that focuses on problem-solving and visualisation rather than pure numbers.”

Workshops saw children designing their own 3D houses on computers, making origami cubes and playing dice probability cricket and rugby.

Mr Lunn said: “Targeting the students young and helping them get a grasp of maths can really help them throughout school as it builds their confidence and helps them understand how the subject can be applied.”

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