The relationship between intelligence and sport


The famous phrase of ancient philosophers – “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” found scientific confirmation.

Swiss scientists have shown that people with the healthy cardiovascular system have a high level of development of intelligence. The study involved more than one million people.  At the same time, the strength of the muscles does not have any influence on the intellect.

Even the ancient Romans said that physical development and mental capabilities are interrelated. The neurosurgeon doctor Maria Aberg noted that with the help of physical exercises it is possible to improve the results of education. 1-hour workout about three times through week on such simulators as treadmills, velosimulator, power simulators will help to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system and so, will improve human brain.

The sport has a direct bearing on the development of substances that are responsible for the synthesis of new neurons and their maintenance “in working order.” Also, the substance has a particularly strong effect on the hippocampus. Scientists suggest that exactly in this area of the brain located centers associated with memory and learning abilities. Read more interesting essays about health care on this link.

That is, during physical activity, the branches of our nerve cells begin to form and grow intensively. Namely, their growth and development predetermine all intellectual processes.


The Impact of students’ sports participation on their achievements at the university


Today, the sport is very popular among youth. Thousands of people are engaged in it.

The advantages of physical education for students are not only in maintaining overall health and protection from overweight but in the fact that physical activity directly affects the success in learning.

The Swiss scientists who conducted the studies, which were discussed earlier, say that a healthy cardiovascular system in young people at the age of 18 is directly related to good academic performance. Doctors recommend actively do physical training at the age of 15-18, which will contribute to the development of higher socio-economic status and level of education in later life.

Sports for a person who is keen on it is a favorite, significant, and vital deal. Therefore, the overall self-esteem of an athlete is very often based on his assessment of his/her sports opportunities, results, abilities and prospects. Having achieved certain successes in sports, a person begins to respect himself/herself. Highly appreciating himself/herself as an athlete, he/she transfers this assessment to himself/herself as a person, or as a member of society.

Also, one of the main advantages of participating in sports competitions is that athletes who perform well can receive a scholarship. Such practice makes it possible for student-athletes to have an education that they cannot afford.

Thus, based on the above, it can be concluded that the influence of participation in sports competitions on the all-around success of a teenager has been proved.


The best sports that can achieve good results in studies




Any even the gentlest gymnastics that you perform regularly helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, including in the brain. Promotes increased brain nutrition.




This sport helps to develop endurance and strength of muscles and cardiovascular system. It allows you to maintain normal weight and health of the lungs and heart. Good blood supply and oxygenation are important factors in brain activity. Therefore, when we swim, we not only develop the lungs and heart but also nourish the brain.




Special complex exercises (asanas) are needed to strengthen the mind and body of a practitioner. If we talk about the appointment of yoga, then in the first place it serves precisely to improve the psychological state of a person, which means that yoga positively stimulates brain activity. Modern science has discovered that asanas increase brain activity.




Any dance (paired and singles) is an excellent sport. In addition to a full load on the body, the dances well train coordination, possession of the body, favorable for posture often cheer up.

Game kinds of sports (football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and others) deserve special attention because they combine several important points: physical activity, a lot of positive emotions, training of attention and reaction speed. Also, playing sports often take place outdoors, which is extremely useful for the student’s brain. In addition, the game sports develop teamwork skills. As a result, confidence develops self-esteem and anxiety decrease. Therefore, it is not in vain that such sports are included in various educational programs, schools and universities.

As you can see, almost everyone can find a suitable physical activity for themselves. Sport and brain are perfectly combined and complementary. And always it should be remembered that any minimal physical activity is better than its absence. Even a five-minute gymnastics in the morning gives its small but valuable effect.