Beauty students from Newcastle College have used their artistic skills to pay tribute to the NHS.

The Fashion Make-up Techniques students, who are currently learning from home, were asked to create body art to reflect the important work of the NHS and other keyworkers as part of a project.

The request came from tutor Beth Gubbins, who sadly lost her father to Covid-19 during the College’s Easter break. She said: “Me and my family were absolutely blown away by the NHS staff who treated my father.

“I wanted to be honest with my students about what had happened and why I would be absent for a while, so I asked them to produce this tribute as part of their coursework.

“I thought it would be something relatable for the students to work on but meaningful too, a small way to say thank you. I just wanted to do a tiny thing for such amazing people and the work that the class produced is beautiful.”

Beth’s class was eager to respond to the brief and set about creating the artwork on their own faces and bodies. Some of the creations include a superhero costume beneath a nurse’s uniform, rainbow themed effects and written tributes reading ‘Thank You NHS.’

One of the students involved in the project, Kimberley Johnson commented: “I was inspired by all of the hard-working key workers who are risking their health to help others.

“I wanted to use the project to pay tribute to the NHS and everyone who has lost their lives, by highlighting the importance of staying home and social distancing”

Newcastle College is currently closed to students, staff and visitors in response to Covid-19 and students are continuing to learn remotely.

The College recently donated hundreds of items of unused PPE from its engineering and healthcare training facilities to local NHS and healthcare providers, to help their efforts in the fight against the pandemic.