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The Cost of a Superhero or Supervillain

Have you ever wondered how much Iron Man would be worth if you combined his New York skyscraper home, collection of flash cars and plethora of ultra-high-tech gadgets? Or do the financial implications of the Joker’s havoc-wreaking habits fill you with intrigue?

We looked at the assets of six high-profile comic book heroes and villains to calculate their net worth. We generated these figures in two ways. Assets grounded in reality were compared to their real-world equivalent. In the case of fictional assets, estimates were made based on the value of a similar item in the real world.

Topping the rich list, of course, is Black Panther. He’s the rightful guardian of a £9 trillion reserve of vibranium after all. Not to mention he resides in a royal palace and boasts an advanced gadgetry collection.

Other characters featured in our list include the notorious Marvel villain, Thanos, and DC tormentor, the Joker. Scroll down for the financial breakdown of each character with supporting imagery created by artist and graphic designer, Marta Colmenero.


The Joker is Gotham’s most notorious resident. He robbed a bank just to set the cash alight, so clearly money is not a motivating factor in his crimes. It’s unclear what his background is or where he lives, but he comes across as well-educated and well-spoken.

It appears a chunk of his spare cash goes on his appearance – donning thick clown-like makeup and green dyed hair that complement a unique sense of style. His weapons are his prized possessions, many of which resemble clown props with a sinister twist.


  • Custom suit – Based on the cost of custom clothing, you can reasonably expect Joker’s suit to be no more than £220.
  • Gold chains – A selection of genuine gold chains have been valued at £6k.
  • Makeup, hair dye and tattoos – Joker’s exaggerated appearance is estimated to have cost £1,200, based on image upkeep (annual expense of buying makeup and hair dye) and cost of tattoos.
  • Razor playing cards and acid lapel flower – The cost of sulphuric acid (sprayed from the flower) and razor blades were combined with the price of playing cards and a joke flower, adding up to £80.
  • Glock 17 pistols and grenades – A Glock 17 costs approximately £500. A pocketful of five hand grenades costs approximately £500.


As it stands, Thanos has been the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe to date. For a significant chunk of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game he was the bearer of all six infinity stones – precious gems that brought great power to their owner. He displayed them in pride of place on a gold gauntlet, coordinated to match his armour. He gets about in an epic star ship entitled ‘Sanctuary II’, which is comparable to a colossal military warship.


  • Gauntlet and infinity stones – A comparison was made between the infinity stones and the precious Musgravite stones (worth £27.5k per carat), giving the former a value of £1.05 million for six 5-carat stones. Another £50k was added for the gold gauntlet.
  • Armour – The armour was priced at £12k, based on the price of a full suit of custom armour.
  • Starship – The starship was likened to a US military warship, which costs approximately $13 billion (£10 billion).
  • Sanctuary – Sanctuary has been valued at £10 million. As a barren area in space, we compared it to the price of buying a small private island.

You can view the full list of superheroes here.