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The footballers with the sexiest hair for 2021, trends reveal


Nov 26, 2021

With the Euros well and truly underway, now more than ever fans are looking to their favourite football players for inspiration. In the past seven days alone, searches for ‘Gareth Bale hair’ are up 2,050%, and searches for ‘Phil Foden hair’ are the highest they’ve been in over nine months.

Keen to find out which footballer’s hairstyles we’re most interested in, RantCasino.com took to SEMrush to find out which player’s ‘do we’re searching for most around the world.

The results are as follows: 



Total Google searches in 2021 so far 


Cristiano Ronaldo



David Beckham






Sergio Ramos



Jack Grealish



Antoine Griezmann



Paul Pogba



Gareth Bale



James Rodriguez



Wayne Rooney


RantCasino.com can reveal that the footballer fans are taking the most inspiration from is Cristiano Ronaldo! There have been 519,700 global searches for Ronaldo’s hair in 2021 already. People were searching for his barnet the most between February and April.

The second most searched for hair is that of David Beckham, with an estimated 253,800 searches relating to his hair this year. It is well known that Beckham had a hair transplant in 2018, and more recently a beard transplant as well.

Speaking about these transplants, Kagan Seymenoglu, executive director of LongevitaHairTransplant.com said: “One thing that’s always been in the focus of news about Beckham is his hair – from long locks to cornrow braids, he’s had a great influence on the global style industry. But judging from images from 2013, Beckham had clear thinning on the crown of his head – an early sign of androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness – and a few months later, his hair was back.  

“Beckham’s hair transplant is a full coverage transplant. Based on the look of it, probably an FUE transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction procedure). This involves taking hair from a donor area – the backside and sides of the head – and implanting them into balding areas on the head. The FUE transplant has a 98% success rate, and most patients see a difference within 16 weeks with results lasting a lifetime.

In third place is Neymar and his ever-changing dyed and styled hair. Worldwide, there have been 135,600 searches for his hair this year already.

Rounding up the top 10 are Gareth Bale with 60,900 searches this year, James Rodriguez with 43,800, and Wayne Rooney with 37,500 total searches.